[ MERC IDEA ] - Grinder


Name: Some Scott name
Nationality: Scottish of course

Class: Fire Support
Hp: 110
Speed: 410

"You where willing, to trade all days from this day on, Bad gambit "

K 121
MK 46

N60 ( Pun ) - A heavy machine gun that is loud, proud and reminds you enemies of their own mortality. ( based of an M 60 ) Hits for 20 ( 40 on headshot ), shoots as fast as the blishlock, have some heavy bloom and recoil but, pretty accurate when aimed, 60 round mag.

Simeon .356, Selbstab, Arevarov.

Ability - Big Canary
Similar to arty, you mark the target location and after a small wind up a chopper will arive by and open fire traversing the whole distance from the location you called it in towards the designed location, Gunfire will be similar to that of a rhino without damage drop or headshots, employable and EV will take additional damage.
Regardless of the distance it will last for a whole ten seconds of gunfire, though the more distance you make the faster it will fly and the longer the cooldown.
The helicopter is as large as those seen in obj and can be shot down having a hp pool of around 500, being shot down will result in a punishment cooldown.

Cooldown: ( depends of how close you called it in )
Minimal 26 seconds ( Basically calling it on your feet )
Maximum 60 seconds ( Aiming from one side of the chapel street on the obj to the other side)
Destroyed 80 seconds

  • Reinforcement packs -
    Can carry up to 4 without augments
    Cooldown of 8 seconds for each.
    Throws down reinforcement packs which contain one mag worth of ammo
    The packs however will grant an additional 20 hp worth of armor.
    Armor cannot be healed by medics and is ignores explosives, LAZER, Melee, Fire, Fall damage and the Bolt actions.
    Fragger, Thunder and ( i would prefer not but it would combo well ) Rhino can stack 40 points worth of armor.

Don’t know i’d like some Merc able to provide armor, i’d also like a merc able to pick between Mg’s comment away salt miners.

(Jigstraw) #2

I don’t like the idea of a prolonged helicopter ability, or one moving at variable speeds. Would make it too unpredictable to risk using abilities to counter it, and while the chopper doesn’t suffer fall off damage, all the weapons players can shoot it with do, so at 500hp it may as well be invulnerable depending on how far up it’s flying.

The N60 sounds incredibly overpowered. Would be 133 DPS(bodyshots), have very controllable recoil due to its low fire rate, and a sustained fire period of 9 full seconds at its suggested fire rate.

I also don’t like the idea of armor. It introduces variables and creates situations where you may not know how much damage you need to bring down whoever you’re fighting, a situation may play out completely different than you expected, because while they could do something to indicate an enemy is armored, they probably couldn’t indicate how much armor they have. I also don’t like the suggested implementation ignoring certain sources of damage. Armor should be a percent-based damage reduction that splits the damage you receive between your HP and armor, for example 25% to armor, 75% to health, or 50/50 split, etc. if we were going to have armor at all.