Merc Idea: Gen (Channeled Healer)

(woodchip) #1

Name: Gen. Or whatever.
Nationality: Canadian. Definitely.
Class: Medic
HP: 80
Speed: 450

Q: channeled healing beam with short range. Heals allies very fast, maybe 40 hp / s. Healing occurs in tiny flat increments, and is therefore not interrupted by damage. When not targeting allies, Q heals Gen at 20 HP / S.

Cannot be used while sprinting. Slows movement speed to 90% while active. Can heal for about 8 seconds before needing to cooldown, similar to the Revivrs recharge functionality.

E: Defibs.

Weapons: Timik, Dreiss, and whatever her new weapon has to be. Maybe BR-16.

I think this would be a good addition because of her potential as a backline medic that can directly support an offensive push by healing from just out of line of sight. At 80 HP and with no real self healing during combat, she would be very vulnerable to flanking. Unlike Sparks, she cannot self heal during a sprint escape. Gen players will have to rely on their AR skills to defend themselves.

Her access to ARs define her against other medics, and allow her to take medium range fights as a squishier Kira. Fills a niche as a higher risk and more demanding Aura. You get to trade up the Blishlok for a Timik, but you give up the ability to rely on the healing station to survive & take gunfights.

Naturally, she is best friends with Rhino.

I would love to play her, anyway. Canadian mountain lass with an AK-47 please.