[merc idea] Ducker (a multipurpose merc)

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Class- (multipurpose: engineer, medic, assault, recon)
HP- 120
Speed- 410
Ducker is a transgender, she (or he) was a military from Thailand, no need to ask what happen after he quit the military.
(Ability #1): Ducktape
Cooldown- 20s
Repair objectives so fast, she only need 2s to repair generator and 3s to repair EV, and voila, it work. But the objective she repaired only have 200HP.
(Ability #2)- alternate it by pressing RMB: Ducktor
Cooldown- 15s
Capacity- 4
She can throw up to 4 ducks that heal 40hp instantly and then linearly to maximum health (can be interrupted if taking damage), but you must chase & kill the duck first before you can pick it up to heal you.
Beware, the duck run fast at 470 speed and the duck itself has 20hp.
(Ability #2)- alternate it by pressing RMB: Duckyou
Cooldown- 15s
Duration- 15s
She can throw a bunch of rubber duck covering yuge area that work as spotter, if enemies step on it it will make loud squeaking noise and reveal their location to teammates.
(Ability #3): Duckface
Cooldown- 20
Duration- 3s full stun & blind, up to 6s
She will make an awful disturbing ugly gesture that can blind and stun everyone in front of her if they look at her even they are at the end of the map. Double the effect to sniper that aim/scope her.

Primary- Blishlock, SMG9, Dreiss
Secondary- DE .50 , M9, Caulden
Melee- The Penetrator (from Saints Row, a reskinned Cricket Bat), Beckhill Combat Knife, Stilnotto Stiletto
This is a joke, don’t take this seriously
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For ducks sake,

for real though that duck sensor made me laugh

‘duck you’