Merc Idea. (Clocker.)

(Tehumanairstrik) #1

Hp: 110
Speed: 420
Weapons: M4, Dreiss, Auto-12
Secondary weapons: Caulden, M9, W/S .40
Melee: Bck, Stilnetto, Cricket bat.

Ability 1: hologram generator
Remember the holograms in Halo? Well they be back!
Summons a hologram of clocker that will just run forward, distracting enemies, sentries, and that kind of stuff.
can be disabled by EMP. takes about 20 seconds to regenerate.
Ability 2: Objective specialist:
Repair, Defuse, and arm C4 much faster than non-engineers.

(Mr-Penguin) #2

Shock Charges seem to be concussive stickybomb mines. That doesn’t sound fun to play against, plus they have a really short cooldown. This isn’t balanced at all.

Hotwire seems unfun and like a chore to play against, plus it only works on the defense on EV maps. Too situational and uncounterable.

(Tehumanairstrik) #3

Now I’m out of engineer ideas.

What about a teleporter? Or something like that.

(Tehumanairstrik) #4

-removed hotwire
-Changed shock charges to a hologram, like the one in halo.
-nerfed the cooldown to 20ish seconds.

(Kevin_ONE) #5

Halo and Dirty Bomb have two different play styles so a hologram might be under powered. I would have the hologram be able to do the objective.

(Tehumanairstrik) #6

At this point i could make fire support ideas all day, but an engineer? im fresh out of ideas.