[Merc] Fielder (WIP)


Fielder (placeholder)
HP: 120
SP: 400
Assault (kinda)

Bio. WIP

Magnetic field. after a brief charge activate a sheidl that blocks all projectiles incomign fro short time.
Range. taroudn the sze of Red eyes smoke (at max range)
The more it is charged the wider it will eb and the longer it will last. coldown starts after the shield goes down
minimu charge: 1 secs = lasts for 2 seconds, coodlown 4 seconds, so small its just a personal shield
MIddle charge: 3 seconds = lasts for 6 seconds, cooldown of 5 seconds, you could fit 3 others besides you, if you where all sticked togheter.
Max: 5 seconds = Lasts for 10 full seconds, cooldown of 9 seconds, its as wide as redeyes smoke.
Notes the shield cant be broken.
it cannot stop bullets from isnide it, only from outside it.
doesnt do any form of damage.
can be traspassed by: Kiras LAZOR, Stokers moly (if it hits the ground), pre sticked fletcha mines.

weapons: mk-48 (i want that gun so badly…), br-16, arnhuld.
Secondarys: machine pistols.
nromal melee.