[Merc] Dragon

(evo888) #1

Class- Assault
HP- 200
Speed- 355 (slightly slower than rhino)

Dragon served two years in the Hellenic armed forces before taking his leave during the worldwide havoc of the dirty bomb attacks. at his fake funeral his father was quoted as saying “he always looked for the option that did him the best”, and quite honestly, Dragon couldn’t agree more, that’s exactly what he’s doing, using his skills for a profit, instead of just blowing up tanks for some country that never did anything for him.

Shield Generator
Cooldown- twice the time active
Duration- maximum 10 seconds, can be ended early,
Surrounds dragon in an energy shield that halves all incoming damage, however reduces his movement speed by 70% as well as disabling sprint and jump while active. there is a half-second opening when the shield is powering up and down during which the slowing effects are applied but not the resistance.

Anti-Tank Grenade
Cooldown- 60 seconds
Duration- N/A
Dragon throws a grenade that explodes on contact with any surface, deals massive damage to armor (enough to blow up a secondary objective or any deployable singlehandedly, not enough to destroy an EV though), the grenade however deals a measly 30 damage on a direct hit with a player, very situational.

Primary- Heckler & Koch G3 (probably under a different name, uses a drum magazine, has about 65 rounds and a high firerate), Stark AR, Dreiss AR
Secondary- Heckler & Koch P7 (semi automatic pistol, likely a more close range option), Selbstadt .40, DE .50
Melee- Spear (a spear, fast attack is a weak slash dealing 60 damage, heavy attack has Dragon aim his spear before throwing it upon clicking the fast attack button, spear deals 100 damage when thrown (200 on a headshot), however must either be picked up or replenished from an ammunition source afterwards, while spear is gone Dragon’s melee attacks are punches dealing 30 damage, spear would take up 6 of Dragon’s loudout cards), katana,

-Dragon’s AT Grenades will instantly destroy any deployable within their range, such as Turtle’s shield or an ammo station.
-Dragon is capable of withstanding significant punishment with the help of his shield, this makes him the most effective point man.

-Dragon’s spear and AT Grenades can be intercepted by Guardian’s station, making her an effective method for defending objectives against him.
-The majority of fire supports, as well as any snipers can exploit Dragon’s lack of mobility while his shield is active to pick him off with minimal effort, additionally Phantom can use his EMP to immediately disable Dragon’s shield.

Voice Lines
-Upon using his AT Grenades:
“I am fire. I am death.” (a reference to Smaug’s line in the hobbit)
“κεραία!” (greek for ‘Boom!’)
-Upon killing an enemy with his thrown spear:
“HA! Now you’re souvlaki, malaka!” (souvlaki is meat on a stick, and malaka is a rather rude phrase)
-Upon killing three enemies in one life:
“ένα, δύο, τρία… I think I lost count.” (‘ένα, δύο, τρία’ means ‘one, two, three’)
-Upon being revived:
“I swear, I was just talking to Charon.” (charon is the boatman of the river styx in greek mythology)

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