Merc Designer Contest


I decided to make an ability contest thread.

Since edits are limited to 1 week timespans, contest criteria and winners are going to be posted after this.

Looking for judges in this contest! I’ll try to go by statistics in recruitment so if you have posted, a lot, and don’t have a ton of disagrees (unlike me) then I’d love you to be on the judging team!

Just remember that if you submit for a criteria you aren’t eligible to judge for that same criteria.

! For visibility reasons:
! Colors cycle from red, through the visible spectra, to magenta, and back to red.
! The criteria and winner of a contest would be the same color.
! Please don’t use colors in this thread for this reason.


Salt. Every dirty bomb player knows its gritty taste.
Some pleasure in tasting, others have a tendency in creating.

Make a mercenary that takes something frustrating, and turn it into something that is fun instead.

Some examples:

  1. Phantom’s armor when it tanked a lot of damage.
  2. Roadhog’s hook from overwatch.
  3. well you can find stuff too you know don’t let me do all the work for you

(Mr-Penguin) #3

I’ve been hovering around this section of the forums for two years now, so I’m quite obviously a qualified judge of hypothetical merc balance.

Dunno how many people are actually gonna respond to this though. Maybe if it were on Reddit (heh)…