[Merc] Conduit

(Mr-Penguin) #1

“It only takes a minimum of .05 amps to kill. My gloves have a maximum output of 100 amps. Do the math yourself.”

Class- Assault
HP- 130
Speed- 395

Profile- Coming soon!

Appearance- Wears a sleek, heavily insulated and armored electrical suit. A large backpack is on his back, filled with batteries and with wires all over it. Two larger wires run down the sides of his arms and plug into the tops of his gloves, which are covered in smaller pressure plates. A few gutted electric appliances hang from the bottom of the backpack.

Primary Ability- Lightning Beam
CD- 20 sec
Duration- 6 seconds
Conduit holds out his right hand and launches a beam of concentrated electricity at the target. The lightning deals 40 DPS with a range of 15 meters and is capable of chaining between multiple targets. The first chained target retains the original damage, but every one after that reduces the damage by 5, with a hard cap of 4 enemies affected by the lightning at once. All enemies affected by the beam also receive a small turnspeed limit.

Weapons- KEK-10, Crotzini, SMG-9
New- Shock Gloves
Deacon electrifies his gloves. The Shock Gloves deal 30 damage per light attack at 130 RPM, but they only have a range of 105 (vs Beckhill’s 115). Heavy attacks deal 60 damage, but holding down RMB charges the gloves up, creating a visible electric current forming around the gloves. Releasing causes Conduit to preform either a cross, uppercut, or two-handed slam, but all of them deal 110 damage after a 2.5 second charge.
Note- All other melee weapons receive a passive 10% damage bonus due to the electricity running through Conduit’s gloves, but with a slight attack speed penalty

“Shocking, isn’t it?”- Using Lightning Beam
“Bzzzt! You’re toast!”- Kill
“All three of your hearts have just stopped. Fun!”- Triple Kill

Conduit is my attempt at an electricity based, close quarters merc. The lightning doesn’t deal that much damage, but it is intended to be easy to use and extremely accurate, but easily countered. After all, it takes three seconds to kill Skyhammer. Used from behind though, and the turnspeed limit makes it hard to shoot back, so the only way to escape is to longjump. Of course, the Shock Gloves deliver quite a punch too, but they were the remnants of the previous melee focused build for Conduit, but I abandoned that due to it being incredibly hard to balance.

I hope you liked this merc idea, and don’t be afraid to leave feedback!

(gg2ez) #2

Yes pls. Lightning is always welcome.

(RyePanda) #3

Wait, 40 DPM? I hope you meant damage per second xD

(sentimentalDime) #4

Maybe add an accuracy decrease as the DPS is really low.

(Vex) #5

Should be melee, not a beam in my opinion. Still an ability I mean, but he grabs or slaps or punches or whatever people with his gloves, rather than shoot a beam. It just seems overpowered as it is.

(Mr-Penguin) #6

Whoops! Gotta change that! :3

Then it would be underpowered. 130 HP and a slower movement speed than Skyhammer would make him awful with a melee build. The beam has a short range (pistol range), 40 DPS (three seconds to kill Skyhammer, plenty of time for him to longjump out if it’s range), but is rather forgiving in it’s use. I could decrease the damage but increase the duration, or I could add damage falloff over range if needed.

(Vex) #7

I can see your point. Though you make pistol range sound like it’s short, when I can snipe someone across the map with a pistol. (Not that it’s favored, but it’s possible.)

(Grave_Knight) #8

Please tell me he takes a boxer stance when using his melee. His heavy should be a left hook while the light is a right jab.

(Mr-Penguin) #9

Maybe when he’s standing still… :wink: But the Shock Gloves would only be on three of his loadout cards, as the rest would have other melee weapons.