Merc Concept: Blink

(SparkyShock) #1

Real Name: Nicola Barque
Nationality: Italian/ US
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY
Class: Assault
Movespeed: Average
Health: 120

Man of… quite many words actually, but who could blame him? If you grew up where he did, you’d have a lot to say too. Unlike some folks who talk smack, he has the skills to back it up. Armed with a Flash P.O.D, the enemy will never see him coming… and he don’t need no cloak and dagger to do it.

Ability: Flash P.O.D (Projectile of Optical Disturbance)
Can fire a small flash device that will temporarily blind foes for a few seconds. Has an airtime of 3 seconds before automatically triggering. If it hits a wall of anything in its way, it will latch on for a full second, then go off. It can be destroyed either in the air or on the surface it attaches too.

Note – This would replace the flash effect that is currently on Thunders concussion grenade –

Primary- (no name yet) Assault Rife – IF POSSIBLE with full auto if unscoped, single fire if scoped. Is equipped with a holo-sight.
Secondary - (again, no name) Twin pistols, either revolvers or regular pistols
Melee- Switchblade, range and damage akin to the Stiletto.

original concept doodle

Basic rules of the Flash P.O.D

color scheme idea

(Meetrock) #2

We actually need one more Assault and one more Engineer to have 5 mercs per each class (there are 5 Fire Support, 5 Medics, 5 Recons and only 4 Engineers and 4 Assaults). I’d like to see another Assault class first, since there are not many players who play them (I play Nader a lot). But I don’t like your idea to be honest, Thunder’s concussion is enough, we don’t need another merc who can blind people (Thunder doesn’t blind at 100% rate but it’s considered blinding).

(SparkyShock) #3

This guy would replace Thunders flash effect, making his concussion grenade only mildly effect vision and still prohibit movement. That is what I intended.