Memory is Weird...

(Wintergreen) #1

So, for no apparent reason I finally realized why sitting in the Dirty Bomb menu gives me strong nostalgia and a sense of deja vu. This is some trance-like, nostalgia aura wave engulfing my body and warming my blood nostalgia, dudes. I figured it out.

The few seconds following the 1:30 mark on this here video:

Compared to the few seconds following the 3:39 mark on this here video:

Don’t hear it? Shut up. Maybe it’s not that similar, but somehow my brain recognized those noises and has been trying to piece them together. Such a relieving feeling to figure these things out. Okay, that is all. Late night announcement is over. G’night, heathens.

Edit: Uh, why did these videos both embed 30 seconds before the point I told them to? I don’t know how to work this sorcery. 1:30 on the DB video, 3:39 on the Gears video.

Double Edit: Playing them both at the same time just might induce a seizure right now. I think I’ll go to sleep with these both on repeat. Nostalgia wave grows stronger… I dig it.

(GatoCommodore) #2

note combination in music is not infinite.

minus all the combination that sounds horrible, you get some people getting the same idea for their music.

(Wintergreen) #3

It’s that higher pitched, almost eerie echo or vibrating background noise that stuck out to me in my head. They seem to follow the same cadence at a lot of different points. But yeah, I’m sure there’s a limit to original ideas with music and all that. I’m just fascinated with the way our brains work lol. Haven’t touched Gears in at least 6 years.

(AlbinMatt) #4

This better be part of a dank Creepypasta.