Melee hit reg and abilities not working.

(Matisakki) #1

After the last patch, melee hit registration is very broken. I often have to knife downed people 2-4 times before it actually works. Worst case was yesterday, when I swinged at a Bushwhacker sitting in a corner 5 times, only to find none of the hits registered and I obviously got killed. At least 2 of my game buddies have the same problem.

As for the abilities not working, worst offenders are Nader, Skyhammer and Fragger for me. I try to use, for example, Fragger’s grenade, the throwing animation plays, no grenade is thrown and cooldown is unaffected. This can in worst case scenarios happen 2-4 times in a row also. This issue has been there as long as I started playing again(3-4 weeks ago I think)

As with the first issue, this happens to my buddies also.
I can not seem to find any discussion about this, which would indicate that not that many people have these issues. Which would suggets it is on our end somehow. I would love to hear if other people have these bs issues or maybe even possible solutions. Tried posting same things on Steam forums, but apparently they’re dead/nobody cares/no-one else has these issues.

Edit: Does nobody else seriously have this? Playing as Phantom is basically RNG now, guessing if the melee hit actually registers or not. No, I do not play melee-only Phantom. But after trying to M2 a defusin Proxy only to see nothing happens is starting to get really ****ing old.

(Matisakki) #2

I hate to doublepost, but it seems I cannot edit my own posts? New to this forum as you can obviously see. I forgot to mention on the first issue, that this also happens with normal melee attacks/quick melee.

(l2c) #3

The melee issues are gamebreaking to me. I heavy stab an aura, but she’s next to a wall, so instead she just oneshots me with her shotgun (ofc).

(Sorotia) #4

Still happening, I hit a half dead Fragger 3-4 times with my batons before he noticed me and still didn’t kill him.