Market Kira/Arty

(responsibleKangaroo) #1

There’s a spot on Market that allows them to cast their abilities right on top of enemies rushing A, killing 2/3 people at once with no possible counter (especially on Kira), is this intended?

(SweetGenocide) #2

i really don’t know i tried it once but its tooooo difficult.

(Verticules) #3

It is kind of stupid, but so are the nades far right or in the left room. Just wait or choose a different path.

(Yoma) #4

Intended or not, you cant really fix this unless you increase the hitbox of all houses by a lot and even then it would be still possible to some degree.

The same is possible on Overground for the attacker, they can spawn a laser right next to the first ladder of the train of the defender side.

The counter is simply to go b or wait a little or being super fast. When i play Fragger and sit at a and just throw a nade inside the house when they come around the corner i aswell kill 2-5 people, is that bad aswell?

PS:2/3 people? Kira’s laser usually kills more than that. :wink:

(responsibleKangaroo) #5

Maybe the problem is that this game wasnt designed for counterstrike style of matches like execution tries to be

(Equanimity) #6

^ lol that has nothing to do with this discussion and is baseless

(responsibleKangaroo) #7

How is it baseless?? A single ability with no counterplay other than guessing when to move foward hoping for an entire team to not be wipped out leading into a lost round/match. You tell me that dirty bomb was designed to be played like this and i will tell you competitive/ranked games arent played on execution. And as we all know, this is cs mode. But hey, we are talking about an open beta here

(Equanimity) #8

“designed for counterstrike style of matches like execution tries to be” there is no basis for the assumption that execution is trying to be counter-strike. That is conjecture. Now you’re actually discussing the topic so I’ll leave it at that.

(symbolicManatee) #9

That is literally the oldest trick in the book. It is always amusing see same people run to it 6 times in a row.

(CyberVonCyberus) #10

first time i ever encountered that and my reaction was HOLY COW ! WHERE DID THIS COME FROM ?