MAP Toxic Fabric V2 FINALE

(DevilsRightHand) #1

hi community i public my map toxic fabric V2 FINALE,i ported from quake3 to other idtech games warfork/wolfet/xonotic/world of padman

The Vadrigar Arena God give me order to transform my filthy fabric into a arena i must obbey the order of the Arena God,i placed items in the arena as hes order me,i hope he is satisfied with my filthy work,otherwise i join in the Arena Eternal for eternity

You where abducted into Arena Eternal warriors from various dimensions across the universe hand picked for their combat skills to fight each other in a type of brutal blood sport as a battleground for the Vadrigar own enjoyment.

Enter the portal to begin combat

GAMETYPE : Team Deathmatch/Duel
AMMO : 10x
20 Health : 17x
info_player_deathmatch : 14
weapons : M1CarbineRifle/kar98Rifle/mp40/panzerfaust/thompson