Map script possibilities?

(NoMaGiC) #1

Hi all,

I have searched the forums and tried to find out what else can be done.

I have added ammo and health.

I am trying to install mg42’s with no luck.

I also have added barbs md3, kindly taken from existing FAG clan, if anyone remembers this server with fueldump map. To prevent double jumpers.

Is it possible to get a collection of working script mods so it all could be found it a tutorial?


(Nail) #2

best to check the old ETPro forums, iirc a lot of map scripts there

(NoMaGiC) #3

Just an update, does anyone know if will soon be accepting registration or if anyone is able to download from there and put files to an accessible download area, as there are a few scripts i would like to try and maybe if possible use elsewhere.

Thanks in advance

-Resolved, admin cleared.

(Nail) #4

glad it got sorted