map release mountain pass beta1

(DevilsRightHand) #1

I release my map it was a xmas competition 2015

Axis steal from all Europa gold and Art and hide in mines that the Allied dont find,Allied got intels about it and search of the lost treasure

Maptime 25 min

Allied attack

Obj map right

Axis spawn time sec 15
Allied time 5

// scenario information
wm_mapdescription axis “1944 we plundering the occupied countries of art and gold and hide them in mines,we got orders if we lose the war to destroy the treasures that it dont falls into allied hands.”

wm_mapdescription allied “1944 some of the captured german soldier say that the germans hide all the art and gold in mines,one of them is the merkers salt mine in thüringen we get in all near villages and get intels about locations of all mines.”

wm_mapdescription neutral “1944 Since the beginning of the war the Germans have been plundering the occupied countries of their valuable wealth this includes art and gold. Now that they are losing the war, the Germans have decided to destroy the treasure least it falls into allied hands.”

// Axis Objective Descriptions
wm_objective_axis_desc 1 “Objective:Prevent that the allies capture the flag."
wm_objective_axis_desc 2 “Objective:Prevent the radio communication."
wm_objective_axis_desc 3 "Objective
Prevent to the steal the Mines documents.”
wm_objective_axis_desc 4 "Objective
Prevent to destroy the wood fence and steal a truck.”

// Allied Objective Descriptions
wm_objective_allied_desc 1 “Objective:**Capture the flag.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 2 “Objective:**Destroy the radio communication.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 3 “Objective:**Steal intels about the locations of all mines where the axis hide the treasure bring it to the truck.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 4 “Objective:**Destroy the wood fence and steal a truck.”


(DevilsRightHand) #2

Bug report,feedback\etc can post here or on thewolfteam

(Teuthis) #3

Good work. Appreciate your enthusiasm to keep this game alive

(Nerwitz) #4

Impressive winter-ish level lad!

(DevilsRightHand) #5

Good that you like the map

(DevilsRightHand) #6

i release beta 2


remove the radio obj


(DevilsRightHand) #7

release beta 3


change the Timelimit to 20 ,spawntime for both team at map start and after flag capture, alies now have 10 sec and axis 20 at map start , and at flag alies now have 20 sec and axis 10


(DevilsRightHand) #8

update go beta4

this are closed beta only for test bevor released to public - i dont release the map to public and later i fix so the map test first if all are fine then can go out , if someone like can test the map?! , feedback/textures like/bugs/etc you can post

= Changelog beta 4=

add new crates
add new doors
change the second alies spawn after capture the flag they spawn in axis house , and axis spawn in forrest hut where alies map start , that they are
not near
add more trees
add new barb wire
add snowbush
thx to native12 he made new stupid botz waypoint and this go in the beta4.pk3 later


(DevilsRightHand) #9

update beta 4

this is only for xmas that players can add the map on there server ,after i fix the flagspawn bug in the map the map must be good to play normal , im at a beta 5 now with a new bigger terrain and a tank i add too ,the new terrain is 20000 x - 20000 y and 7000 high in radiant, i only need to add the rest houses/obj/etc

= Changelog beta 4=
-fix flagspawn bug only
-and i put some beam light in a other texture folder that dont give a conflict in any of my maps , i have see this beam conflict after we test 2 maps of me where i use the same texture folder in my two maps


(macbeth) #10

49,6 mo the map pk3 huh?

(stealth6) #11

Mostly caused by high res textures. I opened it up to take a look and even a book is a 1024 x 2048 texture with no compression?

I’m not judging it, but that’s why the pk3 is ~50mb.

(DevilsRightHand) #12


i compres the textures now itz 30 mb with botz waypoint , delete the old pk3 and update


(macbeth) #13

adding your map today for our main server