map release Goetterdaemmerung beta 1

(DevilsRightHand) #1

i release my map any bug report/feedback/etc can post here or @thewolfteam to make a new version


Time 45 min
Alies spawn 10 sec
Axis 20 sec
6 obj
Allies atack


1944 The allies are in germany so the axis hide there v2 in undergound mines and produce v2 rockets inside of a mountain near nordhausen ,allies spy investigate it and send a team into the mountain

// Axis Objective Descriptions
wm_objective_axis_desc 1 “Objective:Prevent the V2 Production Controlpanel the allies destroy it."
wm_objective_axis_desc 2 “Objective:Prevent the radio communication room that we send message to hq."
wm_objective_axis_desc 3 "Objective
Prevent that the allies capture the flag.”
wm_objective_axis_desc 4 "Objective
Prevent that the allies steal the V2 Blueprints.”
wm_objective_axis_desc 5 “ObjectivePrevent that the allies destroy the Woodfence."
wm_objective_axis_desc 6 "Objective
Prevent that the allies destroy the V2.”

// Allied Objective Descriptions
wm_objective_allied_desc 1 “Objective:**Destroy the V2 Production Controlpanel that the Axis cant Produce the V2.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 2 “Objective:**Destroy the radio communication room that the axis cannot send message at hq.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 3 “Objective:**Capture the flag.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 4 “Objective:**Steal the V2 blueprints and bring it to the truck near the V2 start ramp.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 5 “Objective:**Destroy the Woodfence to gain acces to the V2.”
wm_objective_allied_desc 6 “Objective:**Destroy the V2.”


(DevilsRightHand) #2

i releas beta 2


remove the radio obj


(DevilsRightHand) #3

update im fixing my 4th map im almost finish ,the unfinish things are some pipes/cables at wall crates here and there - the objectives must consider what i add/change, later come the downloadlink

= Changelog beta 3=
add new barb wire
new textures
add real doors
real crates
i add new 3 ways , now alies can go in other ways
add more trees/grass
a big hall like uje niek mean add , where teams can drink beer

-new plot there are plenty et V2 maps and i consider to change the plot the map is a real place
-1944 the stupid axis maked in nordhausen underground rocket factory to start the Projekt Amerika a A10/A4b winged two-stage supersonic-glide missile and a A10/A9 non winged two-stage hypersonic-glide missile ,where can reach usa to hit new york and the alies of usa

(DevilsRightHand) #4

i public my beta3


real place where the axis make in undergound mines near nordhausen the V1/V2 rockets and other rockets to send a gift to the allies

Version : beta3
Attacking : allies Objective
Timelimit : 45
Spawntimes : Axis 25 / Allies 15

= Changelog beta3 =

new textures
add more brush work detail at doors
new truss
add more trees/grass/bushes
new barb wire
new camo net
new v2 rails
new missiles camo
new cranes
add A9/A10 rockets
add new big hall where the A9/A10 develop
add new 3 ways
remove the controlpanel as obj
change the axis map start spawn to baracks
add my bush/grass models ,and remove the et standart bushes
add at the second axis spawn a barack where they spawn
change the comandpost more far in the big hall hall,that they are not near to axis