map release crph beta 1

(DevilsRightHand) #1

Map Name castle Republican Party headquarter


Axis plan to kill hitler and meet in a castle of the progress,allies got
Intels about it and investigate the castle to gain acces of intels

Map time 20 min
Axis spawn 15 sec
Allied spawn 5 sec

Allied attack

Obj map

Post bugs/gameplay/feedback here or @thewolfteam
To release New Version


(DevilsRightHand) #2


this are closed beta only for test bevor released to public - i dont release the map to public and later i fix so the map test first if all are fine then can go out , if someone like can test the map?! , feedback/textures like/bugs/etc you can post

= Changelog beta2=

add more trees
change textures
there was a axis spawn bug, i add the same team_WOLF_objective description as castle @axis first map spawn as the flag name, this bug dont spawn the axis to the second spawn if alies capture the flag , and i dont add setautospawn “Castle” in the script
add a second destroyed wall,now alies can enter at 2 ways in
add new doors
the spawn times changed after alies capture flag they got 20 sec , axis got 10 sec