[MAP] Prime Squadron - released

(Kuna) #1

Axis are preparing to make new modern weapon to takie control of Europe. Some Allied Spy discovered that the draft of that weapon is hiden into Prime Squadron’s base. First Allied Branch just land in city. Who knows what will happen!

screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/9gY1g
download: http://www.thewolfteam.org/download.php?view.121
::Axis Objective::

-Defend the Flag.
-Protect the Gate.
-Defend the side way.
-Defend the main way.
-Do not let enemy steal objective!

::Allies Objective::
-Capture the Flag.
-Destroy the Gate.
-Push enemies into Prime Squadron’s building.
-Steal the objective!
-Capture the objective in safe area.

If you found any bug or just have suggestions please contact me:
Email adress : mkunowski91@gmail.com
Xfire : kunaopw91

Enjoy it!

(eQuilibrium) #2

This looks cool! I love how it has Return to Castle Wolfenstein written all over it!

Does it have bot waypoints?

(Micha) #3

The maps looks nice but is to big for my taste. I didn’t noticed any special sound while running around. Maybe add some (like machine sound, radio or whatever)

(Kuna) #4

No, its first version more to listen what ppl think about it, bots, cp, moving trucks and other changes suggested will be released in beta version, or i will just make a new one, we will see :slight_smile:

I know, things like that will be released in beta. The general idea of publishing it now is to check if ppl will like it, and if that will be playable in current structure :slight_smile:

thx for replays

(TomTom7777) #5

Just started waypointing your map for FritzBot ET yesterday. Thought you might like some early comments.

As-is the map feels like it could use;

1- A constructable barrier like a constructable team door at 575 -5400 to stop a massed Allied attack up those short stairs near the flag. A satchel type constructible should do. (Update I have scripted in a door for example/evaluation, initial 0.01 waypoints require this Door’s power box be dynamited. No limbo camera for it in 0.01)

2- Once the Axis lose the flag they spawn far away and have seemingly only one way back so it is quite a massacre when they try. I think a second route is needed (assuming the secret places can’t be used).
Either make it possible to go from the elevator-like plate with the 2 crates (2900 -3970) down and over into the sewers (2050 -4800) (i.e. the elevator plate near the Garage door that is removed when the main gate is blasted)
Or add an Axis team door someplace over by the truck area say near the first mg nest (roughly -700 -3560) accessed by a ladder or something on the inside. This door could also help the axis get to the truck when the docs are stolen.

3- If the crates beside the bridge are to be climbed at (700 520) g_gravity needs a very slight decrease it seems.( Update: Bots climbed better than my initial eval. And a thin ( thickness 1) fake brush helps on the bottom 2 boxes.)

4- the ladder holes at (110, -5245) and (-45, -4515) are quite tight for bots IMO. A little larger would be nice. (Update: Bots are managing the holes fine one at a time, problems only arise with multiple bots in different directions.)

5- narrow arrow slits to either side of the main gate to fire through might be nice, or even a small opening in the gate (window or gap)

It looks like you made the map to run the truck from the bridge inside to the current truck position. I hope you get the right response to encourage you to continue with this map. It would be awesome! thanks

Update: so my initial playable FritzBot ET waypoints are available just for test/evaluation. PM me, TomTom, in bots-united.com with a return email address if you want copies.