[map preview] ffm b1

(Krischan74) #1

Better late than never :slight_smile: Since 2004 (!) I’m working on this map again and again, with bigger breaks in between. In principle it is playable and almost finished, but I haven’t published it yet. I’ve only played it with Omnibots in ET:Legacy so far, because it’s very big and it’s hard to get that many players together these days.

It’s an extremely detailed and visually polished map, and I’ve put a lot of thought into gameplay, locations, and balancing. Of course, you can never take everything into account. It was also often difficult to keep it all still running smoothly. On my computer (i7, RTX 2080) I usually get around 125FPS.

The map contains the source, is fully functional and I have also already created waypoints and bot scripting, even if the bots sometimes behave a bit stupid. Maybe an expert would have to work on this.

But at least for me it’s a lot of fun. I made a video of a full game round where you can see most of it, but not all. If anyone is interested in trying out the map themselves or provide some help with the Bots, just contact me on Discord: FFM*SENTENZA#3949

Unfortunately I’ve lost my old mail account and as a “new” user I’m not yet allowed to include Links, so the Youtube code for the Video is