[map] Grotli




The Allies must blast their way through the Grotli tunnel and bring the gold back home.



Primary Objectives:
			1] Destroy the main gate. 
			2] Destroy the tank gate and steal the tank. 
			3] Escort the tank to the Axis base. 
			4] Destroy the tank barriers. 
			5] Destroy the vault door. 
			6] Grab the gold and bring it to the Allied base.
Secondary Objectives:
			7] Once inside the Grotli tunnel, capture the forward spawn point.  
			8] Destroy the side entrance. 

Primary Objectives:
			1] Protect the main gate. 
			2] Protect the tank gate and don't let them steal the tank. 						
			3] Don't let the tank go to the Axis base. 
			4] Don't let the Allies destroy the tank barriers. 
			5] Don't let the Allies destroy the vault door. 
			6] Protect the gold. 
Secondary Objectives:		
			7] Don't let them use the forward spawn point inside the Grotli tunnel. 
			8] Protect the side entrance.  


Grotli final with waypoints:
-> www.bunker4fun.com/maps


Updates in Beta 8:

  • When the tank is at the end of the route, it will blow up the Axis door.
  • Removed Allied Base spawns when the tank is outside and will be accessible for Axis.
  • Removed unnecessary doors.
  • Deleted over a hundred entities.
  • Fixed trap lever.
  • Bigger spawnpoints.
  • Allies can use the side entrance when the tank is inside the Axis Base.
  • Added background mountains.
  • Removed rain sound.
  • Added details and retexture some stuff.


Updates in Beta 7:

  • Added a waterfall where you can go to.
  • Added a extra exit at Allies spawn.
  • Added a disco where you can control sound, light and smoke.
  • Fixed steal doors.
  • Fixed rain inside.
  • Fixed fire place.
  • The tap can be set on and off.
  • Wider tunnel passage in part B.
  • Retexture some stuff.
  • Added details.
  • Little fixes.


Updates in Beta 6:

  • Plane crashes when the Allies win the game.
  • Added Allied vault in the command map.
  • Fixed trick planting at the tank barrier.
  • Added a extra tank barrier.
  • Side entrance can be destroyed with satchel.
  • Vault room door moved to the back.
  • Pulsing red light when the vault door is destroyed.
  • Added lights in undergroud tunnel.
  • Added stars and moon lower to the horizon.
  • Landmine protection at Allied base exit.
  • Added a TB-303 and TR-606.
  • A lot of cleaning behind the walls.
  • Improved bot waypoints/goals.


Updates in Beta 5:

  • Added a wall in the second part of the map.
  • Added underground tunnel (open when the tank enter the axis base).
  • Allies can use the side entrance.
  • Side entrance protection is active before the tank enter the axis base and when obj is taken.
  • Landmine protection near every small exit.
  • Weather change at some point.
  • Added details.
  • Basic background hill’s (less tris).
  • Some lower quality texture.
  • Removed mirror and camera monitor.
  • Better FPS at some places.
  • Lower hunkmegs.
  • Smaller file size.
  • Some little bugs fixed.


Updates in Beta 4:

  • Added some missing voice.
  • Thicker vault room door.
  • Vault room door starts built.
  • Tank barrier starts built.
  • Alarm little bit louder.
  • Changed the objective icon above the head to a gold crate.
  • Vault front will be removed when the tank entered the Axis base.
  • Changed some texture’s.
  • Added some details and removed some other.
  • Added a extra trap.
  • Hunkmegs optimized.
  • +4 min timebonus when the tank entered the Axis base.


Updates in beta 3:

  • Fixed landmine bug from beta2.
  • Remake plane script and sound.
  • Fixed stuckage on the tank at the end of the route.
  • Added Axis door near ammocabinet.
  • Planes flying over when Allies win.
  • Moved Axis exit for beter FPS.
  • Disabled smoke when tank is damaged.
  • Some more little things.


Updates in Beta 2:

  • If the vault door is destroyed and rebuilt, allies can also use the satchel.
  • After the main gate there is a secret route to the flag.
  • Allies base little bigger.
  • Axis can go behind the gate at the Allies base.
  • Allies has a own vault to bring the gold to.
  • Moved spawnpoints more to the back.
  • Edited the green doors.
  • Planes flying over.
  • Can go a little more over the hill in part B of the map.
  • Tunnel connected in part B of the map.
  • Allies cvops can use the door in the tunnel part B.
  • Hidding place near door in part A, for allies to sneak in.
  • Added some hot meals, medpacks and mp40 to pickup.
  • Tank control waypoint fixed.
  • Added some trucks with headlights on.
  • Fixed window vieuw in secret room.
  • Doors to barrier bit moved to outside.
  • Added camera screen near the door to the barrier.
  • Trap added.
  • Tank starts behind a gate to give Axis more chance to build the barrier.
  • And some more…

[map] Grotli winter edition
Mapping: How to find hidden structural brushes that should be made detailed
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