Map etl_adlernest

(DevilsRightHand) #1

i public beta1.1

= Changelog etl_adlernest beta 1.1=

replace trucks
add .obj in pk3



(DevilsRightHand) #2

a fixed beta 1.1

= Changelog etl_adlernest beta 1.1 fixed =

add the line, “wm_announce Axis have returned the documents”, to the map script

(DevilsRightHand) #3

last try beta 1.3 out

= Changelog drh_adlernest beta 1.3=

lower the bushes hight,a couple from 1.2 to 0.8-0.6
remove some crates at the door control storage,that players dont have enough space
remove crates at deliver docs

there was some problem with the map that some chinese report bugs/fedback to etl team and not the mapper who maked the map,so i rename it drh_ and not etl anymore
fedback for chinese, open the .pk3 ,open the readme, read the readme,post fedback

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