[MAP CONCEPT] Globe Theatre

(KeMoN) #1

Globe Theatre - a concept map

Beach Invasion is one of my all time favourites from Return to Castle Wolfenstein and the last couple of days I thought about how it would be possible to bring that map-layout with proven competitive gameplay to the Dirty Bomb environment.

For those of you who are not familiar with the map or want to relieve the good ol’ days:

The characteristics of Beach Invasion are obviously the beach front, the compact map size and the vertical distribution of gameplay across multiple levels. The Dirty Bomb location then needed to be at the Thames riverside and be a recognizable structure, hence the Globe Theatre.

The Globe Theatre has multiple floors/balconies and two towers for staircases, exactly like Beach. In the latter however, from the outside only the upper level is open/visible and therefore in the Globe Theatre the lower floors need to be sealed off with the iconic Dirty Bomb tris-wall.

In Beach the objective is deep underground and the delivery spot is on the top floor. This works as well in Dirty Bomb. Take one of the two staircases all the way to the basement, get the single milk-jug and bring it to the top floor to the delivery container. The roof of the Globe Theatre could have a broken area underneath which the delivery container is which can then be retrieved by the helicopter.

What do you guys think?

(Mustang) #2

Lovely idea, if only DB had a map SDK.

(KeMoN) #3

Yes, if only…