[MAP] Blackmoon Raid b1

(WuTangH) #1

[I]~~~~ [/I]Blackmoon Raid B1[I] released ~~~~[/I]

Hello there. This is a small objective map which I started working on at the start of November 2017, and planned to release it at Christmas.
But ofc, I was too lazy and slow, so the map is coming out now.
But don’t worry! There are not glowing Christmas trees and santa singing ho-ho-ho, it’s just a snowy map. :slight_smile:
Mr. Mateos prepared some nice bot files, too. They are packed in download with the map.

Hope you like it.


  • Escort the Tank through village and blow up Defense Gate.
  • Dynamite the Generator.


  • Construct Tank Barrier.
  • Defendeeee!!

ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/addons/blackmoon-raid-b1
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/77miv5wqeegj9nu/blackmoon_raid_b1.zip?dl=0
Trackbase filebase: http://filebase.trackbase.net/et/maps/blackmoon_raid_b1.zip
TheWolfTeam: http://www.thewolfteam.org/cmdownloads/blackmoon-raid-b1/


(WolfWatch) #2

Great WuTangH! And nice screenshots of the map. I’ve also posted about this map on my blog. :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #3

Congratulations on release.
2-3 months for a map, that is a good time.

(TomTom7777) #4

Good work, plays well in FritzBot ET. A Spawn Flag objective might be nice if there is a b2 coming.

BTW one map script change to suggest : use the value 42 instead of 41 in the stuck check

	trigger stuck_check_barrier1_built
		accum 1 abort_if_not_equal 42
		accum 3 abort_if_not_bitset 7
		accum 3 bitset 1	// stuck

Now for an obligatory Richard Adams reference… the answer to the ultimate question is base 13 math.but then you knew that.

(WuTangH) #5

Thanks for feedback. I will add it all in my to-do list. :slight_smile:

B2 version must be released in future, as I already got 14 suggestions about map.
Maybe it will not be “B2”, but just “2”, or “v2”… because those changes are quite big. :rolleyes:

(acQu) #6

Nice map, well done.

(Nerwitz) #7

As I noted to WuTang the other day, a metal fence or like, disable/remove the MG from the Jagd (the tank) to reduce late game spam by allies camping on the generator. Another conventional idea that could work, simply make a 2nd tunnel corridor path that leads right at the generator. Then axis can provide cover fire for their mates taken by the tank MG with fops keeping the tank disabled from the back.

In conclusion, quite a map. Am eager to see what comes next from you!

(Loffy) #8

I especially like the last screenshot (the stairs). Very nice atmosphere and a professional look.

(TomTom7777) #9

If you want I can share some ET-Pub compatible scripting that places a pak-75 gun in the right place to make the tank’s mg unable to target the tunnel exit. I did go a bit overboard adding a timer to fire the gun at a burning tank to explain why the Allies drive their tank on a path near to the axis etc… It looks pretty good (gun barrel angle slightly off).

The Funny thing is the tracks on the model for a damaged Churchill use the same names as the model for the undamaged Churchill so when the map script makes the track move on the original tank, my added in model looks like it should run off its broken tracks :wink:
Update: JUST FYI A simple filecopy-rename-hack of the model file plus a filecopy-rename-edit of the shader file and the funny moving tracks on a blown up tank are now fixed.

(Nerwitz) #10

A fine idea too, Tom, I am no mapper to judge design points.Even though I played that with U*E (dunno if naming the clan is right anymore…) blokes, last 10 mins its helluva fragging auto-win for Allies meaning no axis player can reach the generator from both ways, the tunnels and from the back.

(-SSF-Sage) #11

I like the design of this map and great atmosphere! You developed it very fast too. The map follows the Wolfenstein theme well but still does not look like a clone. Well done!