[MAP] 1944 Nordwind 2.1 released

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1944 Nordwind 2.1

The Axis are launching a surprise attack on allied forces. They are using a Jagdpanther to open the Truckyard Wall to allow an escape with the Allied gold!

Changelog (since the previous public release)

> Second public release
    * Removed a custom texture and replaced it by a vanilla one.
    * The whole road is made of patches as of now, to smooth out the lightmap generation on it... Thanks Q3Map2.

> Final (2.1)
    * Fixed a hole in the Tunnel (thanks Thunder).

> Final (2.1 RC)
    * Map script and shader file cleanup.
    * Added more coronas, and fixed the not working ones.
    * Added a slick ontop of the light near the Second Truck Barrier, to avoid TJ.
    * Fresh Command Map like the vanilla maps done, replacing the reworked Trace Map.
    * Optimized T-Junctions a lot more (several hundred less vertices processed by the compiler).
    * Two out of 4 windows of the Health & Ammo Hut are now breakable (not the one facing the Allied Spawn).
    * Fixed 2 voice announcements not properly working (Rebuild the Tank Barrier and Rebuild the Second Truck Barrier).
    * Clipped the remaining barriers, so players don't get stuck.
      However the edges where the barriers change of direction can stop the players, can't do anything against that :/

> Final (2.1 Test 3.1)
    * Caulked more surfaces and retextured some others.
    * Removed more road barriers, made more destructible as well.
    * Lowered the ambient sounds volume: everything above 127 downed to 127.
    * Shortened Cabinets names (MAX_GAMESTATECHARS_EXCEEDED error, thanks Irata).
    * Ambient lighting value increased from 10 to 16; Radar has 18 as a comparison.
    * Removed Light Styles, the flickering lights in Allied Backway, saving about 400 chars.
    * Removed most of Dynamic Lights (Farm (1), Farm House (1), Warehouse (2),
      Allied Spawn (1), Allied Backway (2)).
      Remains the 5 ones for Thunder (MAX_GAMESTATECHARS_EXCEEDED error, thanks Irata).
    * Shortened the HQ announcement names (MAX_GAMESTATECHARS_EXCEEDED error, thanks Irata).

> Final (2.1 Test 3)
    * Animated bushes to simulate wind effect.
    * Updated locations file and ambient sounds.
    * Optimized a lot the T-Junctions, and a bit the VIS blocking.
    * Clipped Farm hay entry, players could get through with Double-Jump enabled.
    * Touched the geometry (Centered doors/windows, some stuff spaced with equal distance).
    * The Farm House windows facing the Axis Spawn are now undestructible to avoid spawn kill.
    * A wall can be broken near the CP to access the little room near the Truckyard Gate,
      as an additional exit for Warehouse. Enabled Double-Jump is disadvised.
    * A backway from Allied Spawn to the Truckyard area has been added
      in case Axis block the path with an aggressive attack (or SK, the name you want :) ).
      There's 3 entrances: behind Allied Spawn, near the Truck in the Truckyard
      and behind the bookcase in the Library.
      It also features light style use (Flickering lights).
      They're all protected against Axis and Covert Ops.

> Final (2.1 Test 2)
    * Fixed flying cabinets.
    * All cagelight models have a corona now.
    * Fixed red light leak near the Warehouse.
    * The Tank Barrier is easier to plant now.
    * Tree shadowing is less pixelated on roads now.
    * Optimized T-Junctions and VIS blocking, more surfaces caulked.
    * Panzerfaust's: Farm one has 2 rockets instead of 4, Allied 2 instead of 0.
    * Prevented the Truck from crushing the players in its back when it reaches the end.
    * Fixed Tank/Truck becoming non-lit while entering/exiting the Warehouse Road Tunnel.
    * Prevented the Tank stop animation/sound from happening twice at the end of its path.
    * Reworked some architectural elements, like windows positions, for geometry homogeneity.
    * Removed over 10 textures which were unique or very similar compared to more commonly used ones.
    * Shortened the wooden barrier near Tank Barrier, they were blocking movements (Thanks [UJE] Niek).

> Final (2.1 Test 1)
    * The fireplace makes noise.
    * Added moar chairs to push around.
    * Fixed mirrored textures (Thanks Tardis).
    * Added ambient lighting (Thanks people x)).
    * Added Thunder effects, like on Würzburg Radar.
    * Ambient sound is no more cutted in front of the Escape Grate (Thanks lakersforce/Runeforce).
    * Some wooden barriers along the road are now breakable; They were blocking the movements in some situations (Thanks Irata).

All credits goes to +KOMMANDO+, the maker of the 1944 Wolfenstein Enemy Territory awesome map series, even if they’re all bugged the level design and the objective are various and well placed.

Thank you to all the SD users and the friends who have helped me so far, dFx, KeMoN, ailmanki, Rebel, acQu, Thunder, and all others not quoted here but present in the text file, included in the PK3 file :slight_smile:

If you spot any bug/glitch/exploit, if you’re unhappy with a change or several I made, if you still find it unbalanced, just post feedback here, it will be very welcome!




(twt_thunder) #2

another mirror:

(Loffy) #3

(Loffy) #4

Near Gold Box, on a drawer, a beautiful ornament:

I think it is a fantastic map with lots of great details.

(Mateos) #5

Thank you :slight_smile:

Feel free to report any issue regarding bots too!

(Magic) #6

A good map - nice details and atmosphere.
With the extra truck barrier at the end - there will be a good fight all the way.

(BlackDelivery) #7

Great work! :slight_smile:

(diaboliksmart) #8

Yes nice map Mateos !!!
Just a thing: when I’ve watched the screenshots, I thought it was too dark map, not enough lights … but when playing, all is clear, all is beautiful, the objective is clear for every noob players, and FPS rocks with Pentium4!
I did not know the previous releases of this map, but we like it ! Thanks !

(Mateos) #9

Heh no problem, glad your Pentium is fine with it ^^