Maintenance Tomorrow!

(MissMurder) #1

Woohoo! Containment War Update is coming tomorrow! Make sure you get your Phoenix right now if you want that shiny Obsidian.

Dirty Bomb will be in maintenance at 16:00 UTC on October 28th, 2015, in order to perform a game update. The maintenance is expected to last 2 hours. There will be a client and server update, but there should be minimal server downtime.

London (GMT): 16:00 - 18:00
Los Angeles (PDT, UTC -7:00): 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Sydney (AEST, UTC +10:00): 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM, October 29th

Dirty Bomb servers and client will be updated with a game update.
There should be minimal server downtime.

Thank you for your patience.

(Mister__Wiggles) #2

Meh…Who am I kidding? So hyped!

(Osm0sis) #3

Wait is the Phoenix giveaway after the update or before? And I am so happy I got the Logitech skins!! I was so late. I was just informed right now

(Mister__Wiggles) #4

After the update is live he will be free for a week a believe. All you got to do is log in to the game.

(iPod_) #5

I smell that execution mode and Stoker approaching. My body is reggy for several molotovs spammed around the objective.

(XavienX) #6

(Osm0sis) #7

Haven’t saved up for Stoker… I have been busy getting new loadout cards for Phoenix!! But Stoker seems like a nice addition to the game.

(TacticalMecha) #8

stoker seems like a nice and easy class to use.

(murkyBarber) #9

i am from singapore
and this game is awesome
i like fps and objective based games
this game is in my top list
hope to hear more from you guys

(ingeniousPie) #10

The hype is real!!

(MisterMurder) #11


(murkyBarber) #12

must get the phoenix!!!

(Supa) #13

mmmmmmm OOO BABY

(SlixFaz) #14

I’m in Australia and its 28th right now and I was like WHERE THE HELL IS MY BOOTIFUL PHOENIX?

(CCP115) #15

I’m expecting screenshots of that obsidian card, so I can cry over what I missed out on on a more personal level.

Aside from that loss, plenty of hype.

(LCTR) #16

(Hellfig) #17

I’m curious about Stoker. I’ll hope it will be a merc as good additition to competitive gameplay (MM).

(yenku) #18

Well London (GMT): 16:00 - 18:00 feels like “later this year” actually :smiley:
Better I do go get some coffee, can’t wait.

(wirrew) #19

Very curious to see about the stuff that has not been mentioned about so far. I really hope there are some good groundwork fixes for the game.

(Jan S.) #20