lvl 33 Looking for comp teammate(s)

([TSB]Warfoolz) #1


I am looking for some people to play comp with so i can get my cobalt trinket and playing with randoms is f*cking pissing me off.

If you are a decent player and want to play some comp with me add me on steam
my username is warfoolz my profile pic has weed phantom in it.

(Kingsley) #2

I ranked to cobalt 3 and cobalt 2 in games that resulted in losses.
I think its more about individual performance in comparison to others.
but add Kingsley

(lexIcon) #3

added you, lexIcon, I feel the exact same!

(TheFezLlama) #4

I am not a high level, but I run a group with people that are way better than I am. We also have a teamspeak and do a lot of comp matches

(TheFezLlama) #5

My steam username is The Fez Llama [Nate]

([TSB]Warfoolz) #6

@Kingsley dont think that is the case because i almost always end top of my team but i havent played much ranked yet so i am not sure, maybe you’re right.

@TheFezLlama friend request send

(soullive) #7

hey there,
we are a recruiting team of 4 members who are looking for more members. We are a pub and comp team. I have mananged to get around 5 teams interested in starting a dirty bomb league, when i have around 10-12 teams fully signed up and a website to post scores setup, things will be in motion. Please add mrmustardcat on steam if your interested.

Only things will do look for,
mic and headset
clear english
from europe