Low level only servers

(quickVoyage) #1

Any chance you could force levels 1-5 onto their own servers? I just had a match with 2 level 1’s and a level 2 and they just walked around and contributed nothing. I appreciate new people joining and playing, but it makes my team down so many players and we just get rolled. I tried to chat with them and said, come on, follow me, but no one listens. Thanks.

(Dr_Plantboss) #2

In a way I agree with this. I think that <4 players should not be allowed to play on any other server.

I also (sort of) wish that level >50 players would only be allowed to play on min level 20 servers.

Stupid ideas, but that the same time, kinda good…

(Indefinite) #3

I disagree that those are stupid ideas.

(Dr_Plantboss) #4

{comment deleted because @Dr_Plantboss is stupid}

(Your worst knifemare.) #5

They already have maximum level servers for low levels if they want, but forcing them is not a very good idea.

(tominatorx) #6

I recently played a match. I was (lvl 15) the highest lvl on my team. 3x lvl 1s, 2x lvl 2s and a lvl 7 and lvl 11. The lowest lvl on the opposite team was 18, highest lvl 97.

Well… we lost… :D. It was one of the most unbalanced matches I’ve ever had in terms of lvl difference.

But I wouldn’t force new players to join a server specifically for them. If they themselves really find it that bad and unbalanced, they will probably join the “max lvl servers”. I do understand your frustration though. I basically have come to accept the fact that It can happen that teams are unbalanced in terms of lvl (not necessarily skill). When I get matches like these I just go into them with no expectations. If we lose, we lose. If we win then that was really well done.

Forcing those new players into certain servers will probably frustrate them. I mean most people want to decide for themselves. And frustrated players have a higher chance of leaving the game for good. If getting face stomped by high lvl players isn’t demotivating enough to consider playing on the max lvl servers then I can only admire the fact that they persist.

What SD could do though, is maybe promoting those max lvl servers a bit more to newer players (maybe mention it at the end of the tutorial) and tell them that it is the ideal way to learn how to play Dirty Bomb.

(Bestfinlandball) #7

@paramountGasoline Not sure if any other games do, but Paladins forces you to play with bots until a certain point, not even clearly stating it to you, so i don’t see the problem with this.
We already lock people out of server, so would locking people into them for the start be so bad.

(OwynTyler) #8

We also need more lvl 20- only servers, those 100500+ lvl guys just come and kick all asses on the field

(Dr_Plantboss) #9

Suck it up or leave.

If you can’t handle it then just leave the match. Nothing is forcing you to stay, and there’s no penalty for abandoning.

(n-x) #10

Hopefully this debate ist soon over when CMM is implemented. But it is kind of funny how every side uses “it’s casual, you can do what you want” when it fits them. High level player complains about too many snipers, no medic, skyhammer not dropping ammo? “It’s casual!” Pro player rips through boobs? “It’s casual!”

(LifeupOmega) #11

I’d rather not have players forced, more like… ushered towards. Because in the end not every new player is ultimately a “new” player. I have a lot of friends who’d probably try this game who are decades old veterans of fps games, they’d crush the average DB player once they learnt the maps.

(bgyoshi) #12

With a higher player count I would agree with this. Force players into servers by level:

<5 - Max level 5
5<10 - Min 5 Max level 10
10<20 - Min 10 Max level 20

20 - Min Level 20

That’s it. Once you reach 20, you can only play with 20+

But that would require A LOT of active players, which DB isn’t anywhere near for now.

Honestly there just needs to be more Min level 20 servers. Let the 20+ players have a place to play without new and less experienced players. More of these servers would more than likely draw a lot of the high level players out of the servers with low level players and leave them to battle each other.