Loss of My Drop Rate Booster Percentage

(NearTrash) #1

Type of Bug:
Description: After lagging out of a game, I saw that my percentage of drop rate has been reset. It was over 60 at the time of loosing it. I spent money to get the drop rate higher and I’m not very happy that it’s just rest like that.
Video / Screenshot:
Steps to reproduce:
Expected result:
Reproduction rate:

(Kirays) #2

Hello! :slight_smile:

Have you checked your inventory for an event case?
If you don’t have one you might need to play a match or two for it to appear.
Send a support ticket if nothing shows up and your boosters remain to be gone.

(NearTrash) #3

I bought another booster, it didn’t return to the original value. It’s like they have all gone.

(NearTrash) #4

Still not heard anything from anyone, How do I solve this problem. I want something to happen, I want the percentage back or my money back. IT really does seem like nothing is being done about my report.

(Verticules) #5

Did you get an event case? The boosters reset to 1/100 after you get a case.