looking for resistance clan on ps3

(Dire_Avenger) #1

i’m looking for a resistance clan that is layed back and fun to play with but also likes to give it their all in battle. i’m currently level 24 and spec’d for medic/soldier, though my prefered play style is medic. i believe that achieving the mission goals and that of my class is the most important factor of the game and would love to play with people who feel the same as me! if so, send me a message on psn: Dire_Avenger, or reply here!

(Dire_Avenger) #2

i also have a level 21 operative/engineer :stuck_out_tongue:

(Crytiqal) #3

You want to find a clan that only play as resistance?

Whats the point in that? :confused:

(tangoliber) #4

Every team on PS3 plays stopwatch, so you have to play both sides. :slight_smile:

(Dire_Avenger) #5

the point is: security sucks.

(Crytiqal) #6

well good luck finding a clan thats equally as ignorant then :smiley:

(Dire_Avenger) #7

**** you. what right do you have to call me ignorant? because of my team preference? you are a ****ing moron lol. i know for a fact that i’m not the only one who doesn’t like playing as security.

(Dire_Avenger) #8

you’re probably just another lifeless loser that hides behind a clan he didn’t even create and talks big for no reason other than the fact that it’s the only time in his life he can “be hot ****”.

(tangoliber) #9

I don’t like that he called you ignorant, because that’s just rude (and its just a game.). You got to understand though, you can’t stick to one faction. Brink isn’t designed like MAG. All clan matches on PS3 are done in Stopwatch mode… you have to play both sides, otherwise it isn’t balanced. And if you don’t plan on playing clan matches, then there isn’t much else you can do as a clan, since we usually don’t allow clan stacking in the private community matches. There is an unwritten code of ethics that we generally follow which means always switching sides or going to spectator in order to balance teams…and trying to scramble teams on the next match when one side dominates.

(Crytiqal) #10

Lol take a chillpill, way to take things out of proportion

You don’t know **** about me so take your whine at the door next time mmkay?
You are probably a lifeless loser yourself who thinks he can talk big on forums by the looks of it.

The fact I called you ignorant is to point out you miss exactly half of the game if you limit yourself to play only one side, plus the fact is like, impossible to play this game without ever playing the other side, since scrims are played stopwatch mode.

Now go outside and smell the fresh air

(Dire_Avenger) #11

lol clearly i’m not the one with 1k posts… so you trying to throw my insult back at me doesn’t work in your favor. and no, i haven’t missed half of the game. i played both sides of the story and security isn’t fun to play as, plain and simple. but yeah, as far as getting some fresh air goes, maybe you could use some. or maybe stretch your fingers a bit and do something other than troll forums day and night. and tangoliber, i appreciate the info, it was actually helpful. crytiqal: have fun “droppin’ them bombs” i’m gonna go to work, then take my fiancée out to eat. enjoy your life.

(Crytiqal) #12

Thanks, i will. btw, what does my postcount has to do with ANYTHING? you read all of my posts have yoy? Cause with 6 posts you know an aweful lot about my timetable .
Nice troll attempt buddy. Maybe you should let your fiancee see how tough you are on online forums. She’d be well impressed :smiley:

(Dire_Avenger) #13

lol you’re still stuck on this? move on buddy lmao! yeah, your posts have to do with everything when you say i need to get out more. and she’s seen this, and laughed. have you shown your mom how tough you are with all your posts, or does it take too much effort to crawl out of her basement? go try and bug someone else, cause this **** is going nowhere for you haha.

(Crytiqal) #14

Well I am having a blast reading your responses

I always try to picture this adult male who is trying to make a point here, it’s funny as **** :smiley:

But is all good. I might suggest anger management for you tho. If the word “ignorant” on a forum gets you all worked up like this you might have some issues.

Good luck finding a clan :slight_smile:

PS: The word ignorant comes from ignore. Which basicly you are doing if you are “ignoring” the other side of the game. Hardly an insult, but whatever

(Dire_Avenger) #15

lol i know full well what ignorant means. and i do have anger issues, so no real insult there. and i already found one, just leaving this thread up for ****s and giggles.

(SoulTrapper97) #16

ill have ya mate add me on ps3 Soltrapper97