Looking for people to play with

(wisecrackingDeer) #1


I am new to DB (55 hours). I always enjoy playing games more when I play with a group of other players, so for this reason I am creating this post. I am looking for some players, or a clan, that I can play DB with. I enjoy all gamemodes, including competative. I mostly play Phantom, Proxy, Skyhammer and Vasilli.

I would like the group I joing to be reasonably mature (im 20 years old), and use some form of communication (TS3 prefered)

(wisecrackingDeer) #2

Im from Europe (Holland)

(T14ML_Shogun) #3

T14ML is a new clan that recently broke off of a larger clan called HMMR. We have a ts3 and forums.

(stealthyCharm) #4

Feel free to drop by of our group. T14ML are trying to get back on their feet.

(solace_) #5

is anyone allowed to join T14ML?

(T14ML_Shogun) #6

Yes everyone and anyone is, as long as you are active.