Looking for good _European_ team for the DBNation Christmas Cup (Or to form a new team)

(MuhQ) #1

-I have 489 hours played on this game according to steam and little bit less according to in-game stats and I am overall pretty good player.
-I can play Bushwacker/Nader/Skyhammer/Stoker the best but can also play other roles such as medic if the other members can do my jobs better.
-I can play at least few hours everyday at the week, more at weekend.
-I speak good enough English and wanna use teamspeak or similar program for communication.
-24 y old, Finnish, good memer, chill guy while taking shit seriously when needed.

Contact me here or steam, steam ID: muhq1 and profile pic is stretched skyhammer.

(soullive) #2

hey there dude, im making a team to enter all cups and comps we can, please add soullive on steam for more details :slight_smile:

(MuhQ) #3

I don’t know what the f is up but I can’t go to steam community page in steam client or website so I can’t add anyone… o.o my nickname is actually just Muhq, maybe you can add me so I can just accept.