Looking for friends (Screenshot)

(Gothic) #1

Looking for friends for play party games…
Add me on steam if you like my screenshot and you are like me or better…
Steam Name : Gothic







(TheFezLlama) #2

You might want to join my steam group! Check it out: http://forums.dirtybomb.nexon.net/discussion/21635/casual-group-needs-players#latest

(Gothic) #3

i think this not work for me because i can’t add someone in my friend because must pay on steam minimum $5… and if is not on my friend list someone i can’t inv him for play party game…

i want just add me guys and i will make party with different players for games…

(TheFezLlama) #4

There are multiple people with the name Gothic on steam, so can you go to your account and paste the link here?

(Gothic) #5

(TheFezLlama) #6

If you accept my friend invite i can invite you.