Looking for a team

(blisteringOwlNest) #1

Just looking for a group of players using mumble or Skype (though I can get whatever) to play casually with.

Up for competitive or pugs, and play on EU (I am English and only know that language)

If anyone is part of a good team or has any suggestions for me, let me know :slight_smile: my steam is Gumdrop, so drop a message my way.

(Fever_Tankbankz) #2

Howdy Gumdrop,

We are always looking for new people at FeverClan.com


We currently have hundreds of members world wide and a vast TeamSpeak server and we are looking to grow our ranks in Dirty Bomb.

Currently we have 3-6 people that play in the (US time) PM Monday through Friday and at least that many on the weekends.

Jump on over to the link above and put in an App and you’ll be on your way!

(sneak) #3

Add me on steam: etsnotdead

Send me a message when you can and we can talk.

You can’t be added on Steam because there are several users with the same display name.

Skype is garbage, mumble is alright but we and most people around the world use TS3.