Looking for a clan

(CrashnBurn86) #1

I am looking for clan to play with. I currently am a lvl 18 and i only play medic. I am good at what i play thats why i don’t switch. I am at the top of leaderboard for kills best all around and medic in almost every game. Im not sure if this is where i post but i want to get more involved in competitions and play with better people. Im tired of playing with scrubs. Message me or comment please. If this isnt where i am suppose to post this just tell me. Thanks.

(matsy) #2

Its the right place! Where are you from?

(CrashnBurn86) #3

tennessee… originally from florida

(CrashnBurn86) #4

i need people to play with that use mumble or vent preferably… i dont like playing with scrub teams that dont talk or communicate with each other and i wanna do competitions.

(Serotonin) #5

Hey man,

Silk Clan is recruiting all sorts of members, we are a global multi-platform gaming clan, who are starting out on Brink, and we are going to endeavour to move to other games in the future.

We are usually casual gamers, although for each platform division, we will let out teams to go to tournaments etc.

We are also reaching out to other clans to get some scrims going.

Check us out @ Our Website and Our Forums



([TAW.net] RiEvEr) #6

As I have suiggested to others, you should check out The Art of Warfare.

We officially launched our Brink Division yesterday and it already has over a dozen members with many more on the way through processing (either new members or switching allegiances within TAW).

TAW take competitions seriously, as anyone who plays ETQW would attest to. We also can relax and play with friends sometimes just for a change of pace.

We are a 1300 member, multi-gaming community. Each member commits to just ONE game for ‘official’ attendances, but is free to join in with other games as long as they fulfil that commitment.

Check out our website: http://taw.net/ for more information.