Looking for a clan - EU, ranked

(_milla) #1

lvl 50+
main - fragger, aura
as fragger - I’m fuc**ing good at this. 100+ kills in a public stopwatch, not a problem. Mutliple times.
as aura - I heal, I kill. But I kill first.

I can play every day. No life. DB only.
Objective - to reach E.O. rank

please PM me.
slogan: " Tomorrow, Together"


or 2nd option: players at lvl50+ from EU who are looking for a clan - we can start own one. Only requirement - be godlike for at least 1 class and 1 weapon. Rest, I dont care, unless we will win.


I can join you and i can invite m friend :3


I may not be 50+ but oh boy i can somethings >:)