Looking for a Asian/SE clan

(ItsOro) #1
  1. Name : Oro
    2.Age : 21
    3.Level : 12
    4.Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/touchedbyoshi
    5.Usually used Mercs : **Aura, Proxy, Skyhammer, Stoker,Thunder, Javelin(only at pubs), and turtle
    6.Unused Mercs : Fragger, Sparks, Phantom and the rest
    7.Qualities : Enjoying playing as a team and not as a single player, when it comes to ranked matches tend to be very competative and always aim to win.
    8.Communication : Tend to use Discord/Teamspeak during ingame or you can message me through my steamprof link.

Thank you :smiley: