Locked into server

(Freadanator) #1

As the title says I was playing some DB and once I got out of a game I couldn’t interact with any of the elements on screen. Couldn’t disconnect, change merc, go into options, vote for next map, ect. It only happened once though so it might be something uncommon and after the game I was forced into everything was working again. Still want to bring it up though so people don’t have to wait to get into the game to leave if they want to.

(Jigstraw) #2

Same thing has happened to me twice now


If that happens, open your console and write “disconnect” and press enter. You can enable the console in the settings.

(Jigstraw) #4

That does usually work, but last time it happened, i console-disconnected and then got stuck in a permanent loading screen trying to load back into the main menu.


If you can get to your desktop (if you’re running Windows) you can, through Task Manager, close the game by ending the