(hotshotPaladin) #1

there needs to be a limit on how many of one merc are in play on a team at one time. I just went up against a team of Phoenix’s and was scraped due to spawn camping and my team not being able to kill them.

(Samniss_Arandeen) #2

That’ll happen when one skilled team goes against one unskilled team regardless of the Mercs in play.

(ProfPlump) #3

Every merc has its weakness and when a whole team chooses the same merc they open themselves up to some serious difficulties if the enemy team chooses their mercs and playstyles right.

If a whole team of Phoenixes were against me, I would go Stoker to burn them and prevent them from self reviving/getting revived by another Phoenix, or Fletcher (since he can insta-kill 100 health mercs with his bombs), or Vassili for the quick gibbing of downed opponents, or Fragger for his insta-kills.

You want to make their abilities useless.
They can heal each other if they get to low health? Good - enjoy this 1 shot kill (Vassili, Fragger, Fletcher, Nader).
They can revive each other/themselves? Good - enjoy getting gibbed before they can even try (Vassili, Stoker).

So in conclusion having limits is pointless in a well designed game where each merc has its own individual strengths and weaknesses - the punishment for not enough merc variety is a heavy strategic weakness if the opposing team is smart enough to take advantage of it.

(CagdGoose3) #4

There’s also the issue of not being able to play your primary merc due to the fact that the rest of your team has decided to go the same rout; meaning that cap was reached.

With one of the game-size options being 6v6, you’d have to make this limit a cap of 3, which doesn’t change much of anything. If the game-sizes were more along the lines of 15v15, then it might be something worth considering.

(MTLMortis) #5


Where exactly were they getting ammo in your spawn after running out? Your story sounds bogus.

(RedBeard) #6

No, let stupid be stupid. They lose. Deal.