Like the Obsi ops, will there be updates to the first person sleeves for various card camos?

(Jaoder) #1

For example, woodland camo arms for bronze and carbon fiber arms for carbon silver cards.

(Da_Mummy) #2

Don’t think so otherwise this would have been fixed a long time ago. I mean they do have the knowledge (as shown with the new arms of Turtle Guardian and Javelin) but at the moment it’s not worth the “resources” and “effort” to change it for every merc and skin.

(Jaoder) #3

Funny the devs addressed my question in their video about hunter on their youtube channel, the day after i made the post (15/02/2018). Looks like they are working on it for a upcoming update, good stuff!

(Da_Mummy) #4

Yeah as if they actually red that comment and thought: “Hey we have recourses time and we want to say fudge you you are wrong.”
Just kidding devs thx for the response.