"Light" Casual USA Clan.

(Caringsoul) #1

Hello Everybody!

<3 Light Is Looking For New Members <3
Add “Caringsoul” On Steam For An Add

We take all, but we are looking for specific roles and mercs. You don’t have to be good,
we’re willing to help you learn, however it would be nice if you would include that you are new
in your message.

Below are the roles and mercs we’re looking for. We tend to allow a character switch, you
will have one character for attack, and one character for defence. (Possible exceptions for
making a better team)

  • Medic
    1. Sawbones
    2. Phoenix
    3. Aura
  • Support
    1. Thunder
    2. Kira
    3. Skyhammer
    4. Rhino
    5. Arty
    6. Fragger
    7. Nader
    8. Stoker
  • Engineer
    1. **_TURTLE_**
    2. Proxy
    3. Fletcher
    4. BushWhacker
  • Specialists
    1. Vassili
    2. Aimee
    3. Phantom, but, I'm sorry, nobody new to Phantom.

    Click Below To See Who We Have

    ! Caringsoul:
    ! Defense Merc: Sparks
    ! Attack Merc: Sparks