Library b3

(BlAcky) #1

Hi ET-Community!

Last week I’ve released beta2 of my map called “Library” but with the previous Library tournament, some player feedback as well as some bug fixing I’m now able to release an improved version of this up and coming competition map.



YCN Hosting was kind enough to host a public to test the new map

A short overview of the changes:

  • added lamps/lights
  • added details (to the whole map)
  • added sounds (generator, ocean, transmitter)
  • changed the skybox
  • rebuilt the flag-house
  • rebuilt the tank-barrier
  • some minor bug fixes
  • added chairs in the library
  • removed the glass case so you can take the obj. without any problems

If anyone would like to run a testcup with a few teams and maybe even C2 Missile b4 as second map, please come forward and query me in #Library or PM me here.

Thanks to ScatmaN, SPU9, eiM, Fendah, urtier, attack, antman, TimeN, kikzzzzz, ag0n and anyone I forgot.