LF Ranked Season 2 team !!

(MrMaiketh) #1

Hi I’m Ra[G]e
I like Ranked play ,turrets and long invisible walks with Phantom.
I play Bushwacker, Phoenix, and Phantom/Kira/Stoker in Comp Play with all but Aimee unlocked atm.
I am looking for a team to finish out the season with , I play in the Europe queues even tho I am american(Mainly because 120 ping on europe and 90 on Us east makes little difference it seems other than an extra 20 mins in queue, and twice as many Dicks)
I am NOT looking for a team that thinks it’s ok to be “Toxic Asshats” because you’re on the internet.
I have ZERO tolerance for racism or bigotry of any kind!!!
I am looking for a Team that I can learn from and compete with.
I wouldn’t mind having some fun , but this is an option I could live without if all other conditions are meet =)