LF people to play with [EU]

(Litego) #1

I used to play this game a year ago, then I quit. Now I’m back, but I basically don’t know anyone who plays anymore. So I’d like to find some people to just play with, casual, ranked, whatever. I used to be pretty good, and I’m starting to get up there again. All I ask is that you use some kind of voice chat. I don’t really care what skill level you’re at.

(k3endo) #2

Hey! Im from a clan called INIT, just a group of people that like playing dirty bomb together (gold/cobalt level at ranked, but we play casual just as much).

Add me at http://steamcommunity.com/id/k3end0 and we can get the ball rolling (we use teamspeak for our voice comms too)

I was kinda in the same boat as you a few months back (i even lost my old forums account) and have started getting back into the mix.

(Venrok) #3

Hi! Venrok, Event Manager and Staff Writer from ufplanets.com UFP is a clan primarily focused on Star Trek Online and we’ve been around for literally 15 years (started off during May of 2002). Though our DB department is pretty new, we’re looking for new members to join us and play casual or ranked with us. Just a chill group of people (primarily from the UK and EU region) that like to hang out on TS3 and play games together. Add me on steam for more information if you’d like :slight_smile: