LF for some good trades

(Thomas) #1

Mainly looking for M4 (have a cobalt scarred, looking for a standard or above one), FE-LIX, Hochfir and Hollunds (have a cobalt at refined, searching for a pristine one). But I’m ready to trade other skins aswell. Just send me a trade offer if you’re interested in something: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=168628378&token=9OC93eWi
I prefer to trade silver for silver, gold for gold etc. and I don’t really like scarred skins.
Currently looking for a gold FE-LIX, gold Dreiss AR, Tolen MP and a gold Hochfir.

(cFn) #2

I sent you an offer which I think is fair. Let me know if you’re interested.

(Thomas) #3

Sorry, I’m not giving away my pristine Dragon King that easily, but thank you for the offer ^^

(ThePigVomit) #4

Well, they only come in 1 wear level. For cobalt boxed melees. You got yourself a unicorn there.

That’s the first stiletto I’ve seen, haven’t seen a bat yet. Oddly enough, I’ve seen several katanas.

(Thomas) #5

Yeh, I got it from a friend who was lucky enough to get it in his 3rd case. He doesn’t play Dirty Bomb too often so he gave it to me :smiley:
Also thank you for the information that melee skins only come in 1 wear level, didn’t know that yet ^^

(ThePigVomit) #6

Well if you ever do sell it, give your boy a cut. I’m guessing you can fetch a pretty penny for it.

(cFn) #7

Totally understand. I think it was fair but looking like you want more :smiley:

I wish I can offer more but your wants are pretty limited.

Let me know if you want a counter offer. Hit up my thread if anything.


(Thomas) #8

Those are just some preferred weapons I want skins for, I do accept other skins as well

(cFn) #9

Well I could add to those then, I just don’t know what else you want. If you are up to trading your Dragon King Give me an idea then and maybe we can work something out.

(Thomas) #10

I’ll probably trade the Dragon King only for another pristine (or maybe also refined) cobalt weapon skin. Besides that you can send me a trade offer if you’re interested in anything else ^^