LF: CoreSec Beckhill / KMA Hochfir

(Happyshopper) #1

So I’m looking for a CoreSec Beckhill and / or KMA Hochfir.

FT I have:

M4A1 Nuclear Winter (pristine)
KEK-10 Nuclear Winter (pristine)
DE.50 Contraband (pristine)
MP400 KMA streamline (worn)
Blishlok KMA streamline (refined)
SMG-9 KMA streamline (standard)
MK46 KMA streamline (standard)

Who knows how many of those will be valid to trade but we can see.

(AlbinMatt) #2

Can we even trade already? I do have a KMA case. Maybe I can roll the dice.

(Happyshopper) #3

No, but Steam has enabled it so they can test before implementing. It’s close.

(AlbinMatt) #4

Not all too familiar with how Steam trading works, but I’ll try my luck with the KMA case anyway.

If you want to add me here’s my name.


(AlbinMatt) #5

Welp, I got a Streamline SMG-9… The Hoch was literally right next to it. Sorry, I don’t really have a deal.

(Happyshopper) #6

No worries, thanks for trying :slight_smile:

(Happyshopper) #7

Bump. So anyone have a CoreSec Beckhill they want to trade?

(ThePigVomit) #8

None of the SE weaps are tradable.

So you’ve got a silver and 3 bronze for a cobalt?

(Happyshopper) #9

The only weapons other than SE stuff I have above a Silver level, even a while after starting this thread, are the BetaVeteran melee skins. Are those tradable?

(ThePigVomit) #10

Yes, the melee madness betavet weapons are tradable.

But I have yet to see a Corsec Beckhill in the wild much less one up for trade. Frosty Espresso got one, but that was after giving up a pristine Cobalt M4 for it.

the unboxed melees are unicorns and command very hefty prices.