Lets talk Thunder.

(Sairdontis) #1

Can anyone tell me why we have only one merc with a cc and a blind on a very short cooldown? Can anyone tell me what other slowing mercs there are in this game ? Can anyone tell me how many other mercs there are in this game that can blind (don’t say smoke because you can walk out of it).

See the problem yet? Thunder is the only CC merc in this game that can actually slow you (not just in movement speed either) and blind you with a low cooldown. Oh and has one of the highest HPs also to boot.

What is the reason for this ? I know he can be countered sort of with health packs, but that is a problem in that how to you see the person to throw it or see it to pick it up? There is no warning from the concussion coming like other abilties and it makes no sound until it is already off. Tell me why Redeye’s eye is affected by the concussion? Or a merc with a helmet affected? Also, why is the cooldown not 30 seconds or more for such a powerful CC affect unique in this game?

(Szakalot) #2

redeye’s infrared goggles will obviously light up insanely during a FLASH