Let's Talk Sensitivity Settings:

(Wintergreen) #1

I’m sure this has been made before and these topics (debates?) get redundant, but I’m curious to hear what most of y’all use while playing DB. I generally play most games on very low sensitivities and this one is no exception for me. That said, DB is pretty fast-paced and I’m considering raising it for a week to see how I feel. I’m thinking I might play far too low for a game like this and that’s why I’m here.

I use 400 to 500 CPI/DPI depending on my mouse at the time, default windows sens, and anywhere between 5.0 to 6.0 in-game sens. 24’’ monitor, 40’’ mouse pad, and usually about 85 FOV. At any given time, the most I can swipe is a tiny bit more than a 180 degree turn from center pad. If this seems insane to anyone other than you CS players out there, I manage this well by sitting upright at a large desk with my entire arm and elbow resting on it. I’m used to this and I win almost all of my 1v1 gun fights, but I’m at a clear disadvantage in situations where it’s a big cluster**** around the EV and small rooms. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Feel free to share yours.

(MarsRover) #2

40’’ mouse pad

That’s a large mousepad :smiley:

(Nail) #3

@MarsRover said:

40’’ mouse pad

That’s a large mousepad :smiley:

that’s an area rug

(FantasticMango) #4

Was using this before: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0164KY294/ (Glorious 3XL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat / Pad - Large, Wide (Long) Black Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 48"x24"x0.12" (G-3XL))

Then I calmed down and my current mouse mat with usable mouse space is only 20" (with the other part used to absorb keyboard movements). https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NJH1ERE (Turtle Beach Wide Drift Fast Premium Gaming Mouse Pad for PC and Mac)

On 400dpi/8.4sens here. 19.5" or 49.5 communist units for 360 degrees. 27" 1440p monitor. 73 FOV. Using a Logitech G303.

(Wintergreen) #5


Confession: My keyboard doesn’t sit on it. I have my mouse centered and use the entire pad. Number 1 advantage of being 6’4’’ with long arms, no doubt about it.

Edit: @FantasticMango You ninja’d my post with the exact same mouse pad I use by a few seconds. It’s great. Have a like for “communist units”.

(Melinder) #6

400 DPI
5.5 Sensitivity
Steelseries Qck+
75 FOV

(Flacke1) #7

800 dpi with 5 sensitivity,mouse zowie Ec1-A and mouse pad corsair Mm300 Extended Edition

(watsyurdeal) #8

400 dpi, in game fov is 83, sensitivity in game is 9.391471

I play with a G403 from Logitech

(azz_abdr) #9

old Logitech office mouse, 600 dpi (I think, I’ve compared with some selectable cheap gaming mouse, about same speed), playing on 8 sens, 1366x768 with 85 fov

(henki000) #10

Steelseries rival 100 and Steelseries Qck+
500 cpi, 5 sens in-game

fov unmodified and fullhd resolution with old 22" BenQ

(GatoCommodore) #11

Chinese wired optical mouse (rapoo)
unknown dpi but jittery due to constant usage

(woodchip) #12

800 DPI
9.5 in game.

But I am with my wrist rested on the pad.

(SnakekillerX) #13

I just can’t get used to logitec mice.

I go as far as to order no longer in production products off of strange sellers around the world to replace my Microsoft Intellimouse 2.0 when they die from over use.

Been using this mouse model since 1999. Accurate and comfy… anyone else use it?

(watsyurdeal) #14

You mean this one @SnakekillerX

(SnakekillerX) #15

@watsyurdeal said:
You mean this one @SnakekillerX

Yes, that’s the one I use (except mine is black with silver side buttons). Some models of the Intellimouse 2.0 only have 3 buttons and others 5… but the mice are basically the same otherwise.

I find them to be very precise and I like not having to mess around with things like DPI settings when using Microsoft mice.

(JonBongNoJovi) #16

Loved the Intellimouse 2.0 , moved onto the Razor Deathadder when they went out of sale , had mine last 8/9 years only had to replace the feet /skates.

(Wintergreen) #17

Zowie FK1+ user right here. Currently I’d say Zowie and Logitech make the best mice on the market. Used countless Steelseries, a Deathadder, Fnatic, CM, Corsair, and too many others to list. If they keep the FK sensors up to date, I’ll never touch another mouse again. Cheapest (and best) budget mouse I’ve ever used was a Cougar 300M. Got it on sale for 12 bucks once and gave the little thing hell. She was good to me.

(frostyvampire) #18

2500 DPI, 9 ingame sens, max fov

(bgyoshi) #19

8400 DPI
.5 ingame sens
75 FOV

800 DPI
5.3 ingane sens
75 FOV

approx 40cm 360 rotation no matter what machine I’m on

Most things calibrate to cm or inches using a website of some kind. I use this one:


(Mc1412013) #20

I gave up figuring out theperfect setting. I get it perfect and it doeant feel right the next time i use ir