Let's talk about maps in general

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A brilliant map made, variety of angles and distances. All mercs can be used in this map, none of the mercs feel out of place. Objective placements are very good, none feel out of place. The map lighting and art makes it feel unique from other maps whilst still remaining in the London area. 10/10, I honestly can’t figure out anything negative about this map.


Another really good map especially after the MOFO update. Again, this map combines a variety of angles and distances. With the first objective getting really nice changes here and there it really makes the first objective far better for the attackers.

After the first objective however, is when the meat grinder starts to get going, if the team gets the barricade up and running you can still go around the other side building or go through the middle straight past the barricade and go up the stairs up on the right, many flanking opportunities being presented in this map just like Chapel. However, if all the positions are on full lock-down you can still shoot the generator and just suicide push the EV, I really like this because it still allows the experienced players get through the toughest situations because of this tactic.

Past the second objective is when the map changes quite a lot and starts to get more close-ranged. Mercs that have outside abilities can still use it for the garden area or spawn side. I feel like the look of the map and how it develops overtime is nice, kind of glad that the actual bridge is around the first objective considering that is where most people got stuck in pre-MOFO patch. Anyway I give it a rating of 9/10.


This is a map that is a shiny little gem, not as big as Chapel and Bridge but still Is a nice looking gem. The scenery of the map is amazing, full stop, nothing more needs to be said. Now, lets get to the gameplay side of the map.

Underground is quite different to the other maps, all mercs can be used in this map however, are limited to where they can use their abilities. With the roof being open in some areas it can really catch some people that aren’t too comfortable with the map off guard with an airstrike/laser coming in. Underground’s first objective is simple, take control of the roof and balcony and you will win the game, the control that the positions provide is absolutely insane and you can start spawn-camping straight after taking control of the roof. The side objectives that can be destroyed can favour both teams depending on how the teams use it, but the attackers will get more of the advantage from the side-objectives as it allows them to get to the objective quickly and regain control of the site.

After the first objective is a large “filler” battle I like to call, going down the escalator or going around using the pipes it still allows the people to move around and flank, the map really loves to give the player the most out of their movement (Get to places quicker and flank the enemy etc.) with the map focusing on this I feel that is a smart move considering that is the selling point of Dirty Bomb. The holes in the roof allow the air support to help out their team-mates. Going down there are two more side objectives the attackers can do, they can repair the gas tunnel allowing them another entrance onto the site and also close the barricades which allows them to slow down the defenders from them getting into their positions, these side objectives really help out with the attackers taking control and that is what I like about the map. The “small” changes that the side objectives can provide are actually huge, another angle that the defenders need to worry about makes it harder for the defenders to take control and the barricades is huge, it allows the team to get a almost guaranteed plant after they kill a few enemies. The final objective having an open roof can cause it to be irritating if the attackers are organised (laser + 2 airstrikes and a sniper will guarantee the bomb to go off) but that is what the map should do, it should award the team that works together.

I rate this map 9/10, the mercs being situational kind of ruins the score however the general map design is brilliant, if underground had an open roof for the whole first objective, It would be perfect and potentially even better than Chapel.

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This map I really want to go over. Dome is a very hated map amongst the community for a reason, fps issues. However, taking a closer look at Dome that isn’t the only weakness that “still” remains in the map. Let’s go over the visuals, the visuals are definitely different from the other maps and Is a whole lot more out-in-the-open map compared to the others. Let’s go over the first problem with Dome, the lack of cover. Dome is a map that feels really empty at times especially compared to other maps like Chapel, looking at Chapel’s middle when you’re pushing the EV the map doesn’t feel empty, there is a lot of cover you can go behind or you can even go behind the EV for cover. Dome however? It isn’t an EV map, it is an out in the open map where it primarily focuses on the persons individual aim and in occasions their positioning. Now, lets go over the goodies of the map. This map is brilliant for all mercs, Fragger needs to nade in a nearly no cover map? No problem, wait for them to group up by the objective to defuse all at once. Now, lets go through each stage.

The first time you spawn in Dome it feels like a long walk to battle (kind of like CS Nuke) moving the spawns closer would help the people get into the quick fast-paced action that Dirty Bomb is known for, and it could save a minute overall. The versatility in the aim battles is what makes me absolutely adore this map, it clearly allows the person that has the better aim win more duels and with their positioning being better (Harder to aim at someone above you than below). The first objective feels weird and somewhat out of place, I would honestly prefer it to be on the same floor level but provide more cover around the site (boxes etc.). The whole map feels like a normal walk in the park, with you sometimes getting into an engagement against enemies, if you don’t understand the movement system in Dirty Bomb then the movement in the map would be really crap.

Stage 2 for Dome is a very nice method that I feel like should be implemented into more Objective/Stopwatch maps, where the attackers get a choice to do which objective they wish to do so, it really makes the map a whole lot more replay able. One game you’re defending A site and then the next game you’re defending B site (that is if you get enough votes for Dome :smiley: ). The choices the map provides the players with is seriously a good method, I really want more of this in other maps. The secondary objectives here (Ramps) allow the attackers (/defenders) to get another way into the site, as I had mentioned in Underground map (1st objective/ 2nd objective) will make it harder for the defence to protect all the entrances the attackers can come from.

Moving to stage 3, this is the most frustrating part of the map that I seriously believe there needs to be a rework. The secondary objectives (the left secondary objective) is almost completely useless, even if it is open I rarely see a reason to get up there considering there is no reason to take that much control of the map. I would honestly prefer it to be an opening to the sewers that are very rarely used, move the sewer ending to the garage, make it another angle for the defenders to worry about just like the other secondary objectives. The secondary objective on the right has more use, I feel like that should remain the way it should be, just a way to get past the MG. The spawns is the most atrocious thing about this stage of the map, moving the spawns closer for both defenders and attackers will make Dome more action-packed map, I really hate the fact that if you die you are useless for your team for the next 15 seconds that you need to actually get to where the action is. The cover in stage 3 seems bearable, but I would like to see more cover.

Based on everything I give this a rating of 7/10, the spawns and the constant away time from action makes the map really annoying, but the times there is a battle it is a blast, it really rewards the better player.

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This map is something different compared to the others. The map in general has less flanking opportunities (no secondary objective that allows the attackers to get into the site and make the defenders worried about that angle (at least in the 1st objective)). There is one special feature about this map that I want to see in other maps, the front spawn flag. That secondary objective pushes the attackers spawns closer and pushes the defenders behind the wall, making it easy for the attackers to quickly recover from an unsuccessful push.

Let’s break down the first objective, the first objective can be a hard push or an easy push depending on how the defenders setup and how well they can stop a push. This map rewards the team that is more organized which is what I like seeing. The MG side of the objective feels nice, yet the fence does feel a bit clunky, If it was updated so that it was a full wall to prevent the defenders from outside the mg nest seeing the push unless the defenders have pushed up or wait for the attackers to go past the wall and onto the actual MG (The wall doesn’t need to be a huge one, I feel like making that part of the map as a small coffee shop that has outside tables/chairs away, just to add to the atmosphere).
The other side of the MG nest feels nice, the couches and everything really add to the atmosphere, the general look of the map feels like an actual place that people would’ve lived in. Anyway, the gameplay in the building also feels nice, it reminds me of Dome but in a miniature scale where the different heights of the battle makes it nicer In the different aim battles you will be taking. The secondary objective already starts off being repaired for the attackers which is a nice little touch, but I feel like it should just be another opening quickly to the actual site that needs to be repaired and the original area for the secondary objective shouldn’t have the gas.

Past the wall is where I’d like to see more maps use that method, the attackers need to push through one chokepoint and if they are able to do so then they will save some time for the objectives, if they are unsuccessful then they will waste their time and the spawn will move past the wall (Kind of like the spawn in Underground). After that there is a whole lot of clutter on the left side after you get past the wall, I like it because you can only hit the head of the person behind the clutter unless they are crouching allowing people that are experienced they can start hitting the headshots, snipers can take advantage of this spot too. The right side past the wall feels empty and has a nice secondary objective that allows the attackers (/defenders) to get into the site, making it harder for the defenders to worry about another angle.

Now moving onto the actual site of the second objective. I really love this because of the well-placed objects that can be used for cover, there is plenty of cover which I adore for the map. The MG nest is a nice touch for the defenders (/attackers depending on who has control of it) it is a nice view for the whole site but the same can be said for the opposition, it is easy to see you. I honestly adore the final stage of Terminal, the design and the gameplay it provides is almost unmatched.

Now for the rating, I would give this map an 8/10. With all the mercs being allowed to be used all the way through, none feel out of place. With the use of a variety of angles and distances it is brilliant, the unique idea of the forward spawn makes it the shining star the map is. But there not being a whole lot of choices being provided for the attackers in stage 1, it really harms the rating considering that is the start of the map, the map needs to give the player choices from start to finish, it needs to make the player think “Wow, if I went that way I’d be up against their whole team! I’m glad I went behind to get the advantage!”.

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Any chance that you’ll review the Execution maps and what is good and’/or needs to be changed about them?

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Of course, If I’m talking about maps in general then I definitely will go on about them :smiley:

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Trainyard is a map that gives out flanking opportunities for the attack and possibly for the defenders to catch the attackers off guard. The secondary objectives in this map aren’t anything too special that makes Trainyard it’s own special map (like terminal with its forward spawn). I personally like the plant C4 objective as it allows the engineers to be useful unlike the deliver the objective, objective. Also I really like the plant C4 objective as it reverses the roles of the attackers and defenders.

The visuals of the map is also very good, Trainyard is different from the other maps and uses nature around the map whenever it can, it doesn’t feel out of place. Also the map being out in the open pretty much all the time it makes all the mercs useable in all kinds of situations unlike maps like Underground.

Now let’s talk about the first objective, pre-MOFO patch it used to be damn near impossible to get through even if your team had co-operated better but the opposition just had better aim than you. Now, it’s a different story, the team that works together can take control of the site and keep the site in control if they make sure they cover the positions. Anyway, let’s start off with the middle (the stream that goes underneath the river and all the way), I really like it as it reminds me of the Dust2 middle from CS where you can cross the middle but if they have a sniper you could lose your head. Pushing on the left side they had changed the jump to make it easier for other players, I felt like the jump was easy to do but many people just didn’t know how exactly to do it, they just seem to spam jump and hope for the best to get in. Regardless, making it easier is a good move considering not everyone is a pro that can replicate a jump really quickly and easily. The MG nest allows the attackers to take more control of the site and a bit of the spawn side of the defenders.
The right side of the map feels good, a building where you can push in from another angle allows the attackers to get an increased chance to push into the site considering the defenders need to worry about another angle, the same can be said for going underneath the bridge and going past the secondary objective. The thing that I don’t like about the secondary objective is the fact that it can punish the attackers more than the defenders, you are removing another angle you could come from as the attackers, it feels like you are taking a gamble where if you fail to hold the site then you will pretty much reduce your chances of pushing into the site.

The second objective is where the attackers need to take control as quickly as possible or else it will turn into a quick loss unless some people will go around and flank. The gameplay seems to be average, the verticality in aim battles seem to vary only in some areas, the objective area all you need to do is aim side to side and not up and down like in Dome. The side objective can be destroyed by airstrikes, I like how the sign is above the objective to in-a-way give directions for arty or mercs like that, that quickly opens up another route. The building on the right is a way for the attackers to make the defenders worried about another angle whilst the other attackers are pushing in from the main side, that’s what I like about this map, at first it may seem as if there is only two routes but it keeps splitting into more routes creating more possibilities in different areas of gunfights. After the MOFO patch it feels a whole lot better for the attackers when they get the plant as they can plant it in the corner and will be able to see anyone defusing meaning the defenders need to fully retake and then start defusing the bomb. The transition to the 3rd objective is what makes the map its very own unique aspect from the other maps, I am of course talking about the train going by after you blow up the 2nd objective, though the collision is sometimes buggy it should be kept in, maybe dynamic effects like that should be in other maps (bridge has a nice EV shooting the wall, stuff like that :smiley: ).

The 3rd objective is when I start questioning what happened? The map starts off balanced and provides the attackers with many flanking positions, the 3rd objective gives out these opportunities but what is the point if nobody else uses it? The secondary objective in 2nd objective (plant c4 in carriage) is a quicker route but you can still use the other way to catch defenders off guard, the game is telling people to be free in the 3rd objective. A little guidance will be the perfect way to tackle this problem. Anyway, if that problem was fixed then the map will be brilliant, with all the different routes you can take it is awesome, it makes the player make the choice just like in Dome whether they should flank and get a few kills or help the team brute force push-in. The amount of cover is well-rounded, if you are delivering the objective you won’t have a lot of cover, you have to commit to it and hope your teammates can cover you. Here’s another problem though, the actual objective feels off, if you lose control as the defenders then you will automatically lose unless by some miracle you manage to beat the opposition out of the showers and out of the ramp area, you need to take so much control as the defenders so that you can win the game.

Now onto the final rating, the map design itself on the first two objectives feels good, but begins to slack down on the 3rd objective. The variety of distances and heights in occasions makes the map brilliant, the focus on aim battles being different all the time is what I like about the maps, but the focus on long distance majority of the time on the 3rd objective seems to make me question why they did that. The dynamic train will give a good first impression as to what Dirty Bomb is capable of doing. The secondary objectives provides additional routes (and closes routes…), gameplay of the map feels good too. I believe that the map rating is: 6/10, this map compared to the others feels like a good beta testing map, finding out what the engine is capable of doing. The gameplay is nothing compared to maps like Chapel or Bridge. Though the map does allow all mercs to be used pretty much anywhere (unlike underground), it just doesn’t feel right compared to the other maps.