Let's seriously talk 'bout South America servers lag issue

(coddermax) #1

Hi guys!

When the lag problem will be solved? it’s a recurring issue that happens around 7PM (Brazil / Local Time) 'til midnight, my ping goes up from 20 (normal ping) to 168, 200 … (and I’m from Rio de Janeiro) … happens to several users! Please, can u guys fix that issue?


(xTripa) #2

Actually, at times that the guys usually play the server gets extremely high ping, and ends up discouraging a lot of people.

I would like at least one explanation about what is happening =/

(guliver6571) #3

Well, probably bad server hosts…
(hope it’s not that, it would mean that they want to decrease our server quality ;-:wink:

(mrdisco) #4

The guy on support (DoughBall) is a nice fella but there hasn’t been a single update or solution to the problem.

This is an issue on Splash Damage end. Now I see what people meant by notorious lack of communication.

(mrdisco) #5

If any of the devs are interested, my support ticket numbers are #4481 and #4313.

(xR3D3MPT10Nx) #6

Well I have that big problem too, in the afternoon I play with 40-60 ping, but after 7pm my ping goes over 150 (it also reached 188). It’s impossible to play with those ping.
Lot’s of played complain with the same problem, I hope the devs give us an answer and solve this problem!

(Porkchopiya) #7

it also happen here in Philippines my normal ping is 75, after this update it takes 200+ ping. cannot focus on aim with that ping. and i decided to stop playing this game.

(mrdisco) #8

Happening right now.

(facebook100qq) #9

Unfortunately I have to agree, we are having problems with ping and it is difficult to play like this, I’m pretty sure many players are not playing because of this “error”.

(mrdisco) #10

Still happening and no word about it.

By the way… we are heading to one month of the issue.