Let player host their own server

(Rsyx) #1

I think many people would love this idea since Dirty Bomb going free and stopped their development I think it would be great if splash damage let player host their own server. I know you guys have done this with multiplay, but sadly multiplay gonna end their support for the game which means once the official server shut down the game would totally die.

By allowing the player to host their own server, the game could live forever. I know making such thing is not an easy job, Splash Damage would have to face legal issues and many more but, while you guys still have the resources to do this thing I think this idea should be considered around the dev team

(Nail) #2

We’ve been asking for 5 years now, the answer has always been “no”

(Mc1412013) #3

Well thanks to idiot play removing our ability to rent servers sd is gonna have to do something to let us cary on when they give up on it.

(Rsyx) #4

I mean this is the perfect time to do that, I think they won’t do it in the past because they still had the official server and (probably) contract with the publisher.

Since the game pretty much ended this will be a great time to let community host their own server, UNLESS Splash Damage wanted to make Dirty Bomb 2 :thinking:

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(kittz0r) #7

SD is their own Publisher since they left Nexon. WarChest is Splash Damage.

(jemstar) #8

Yes it would be great to be able to continue hosting our own servers. We still have a core group of players that love this game. Our Multiplay server is full most nights and is quite a tight knit community. We still get new players every day.

There would be virtually no cost to SD and would reward the people that have stuck by this game throughout the years!!